Zero Knowledge Proofs Explained for Blockchain – ZKPs

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  • Zcash a dead chain?

  • Kidnappers watching this video be like : meh meh meh

  • wrg, any infx interac any nmw

  • Is teh mixer the same as MPC (multi-party computation) ?

  • 8 minutes without actually saying anything useful

  • can someone explain how blockchain and zeroknowledge proofs can be used in restaurants? I really don't understand

  • Instrumental in my sourcers-society concept. Thank you for your well-made video!

  • i can understand the Waldo logic, the different colored balls logic and the strange cave of Ali Baba's mystery. what i can't get is how it applies directly to dapps/crypto.
    as far as i could tell, it's both a matter of making the wallet protocol better (proving that a public wallet belongs to another public wallet inside a computer which then access the private wallet in it – an extra layer of safety)
    and MAINLY hiding the transaction at point A and B – making a proof that an unknown quantity of money/something was taken out of this unknown place (but zkp'ed) to this other unknown place (also zkp'ed) and miners now have to validate this unknown (zkp'ed) transaction.

    is that right?

    or there are less levels of safety than i'm imagining?

    also, how much this would slow the entire process? because for each ZKP testing (and there has to be more than one), i guess that the entire encrypted code has to change, right? so like, miners would have to mine the same transaction more than once?

  • can you make a tutorial on how to create smart contract on digibyte, I am unable to find anyone who has done it. it will be great help.

  • Everyone talks about transactional privacy, no one talks about computational privacy.

  • Great video. Very interesting because the team just hacked their own Dapp and stated that there actually WAS a vulnerability within one of the dependant libraries that they were using. They were able to empty the entire contract! Growing pains for real! But the funds are safe and they have already patched a redeployed it. One step closer to a full release of and secure and private ETH transactions! ZK proofs are definitely an interesting addition to crypto, and I am excited to see ETH Dapps being built on top of this tech so that users can retain their privacy as they explore the PRIVATE Decentralized world. Thanks for the informative video.

  • McLovin hahahah

  • Gregory, typo in the title

  • Create video about ethereum 2.0

  • Finally!

  • Make a video where you actually demonstrate ZKP in code

    Idea – Make a voting app where the votes cast by people are secured by ZKP

    i.e. We know that they have voted, But the person they voted for is hidden from everyone till the election is over

    EDIT – There is a spelling mistake in your title

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