WOW!!! ETH 2.0 ‘BURN'!!! New BULL RUN?!!! 🚀 Ethereum PRICE PREDICTION & News

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In today’s crypto news look at how the upcoming ETH 2.0 burn could affect the Ethereum price. We look at optimistic rollups and how this layer 2 solution could help bring DeFi to smaller players. We look at the Ethereum/Bitcoin chart to see how ETH is underperforming BTC. We finish off with a TA to give an Ethereum price prediction and price analysis.

Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Ethereum news
01:33 Locked ETH
04:20 $1.2B BTC on Ethereum
06:10 Optimism L2
09:28 Aave’s LEND
11:49 ETH Price Prediction

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Optimistic Rollups Finally Make It to Ethereum, Synthetix Offers Rewards to Participate

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  • Your price predictions sound ridiculous with all honesty

  • The eth news isn't really eth news. It's info that has been out for a long time. Many people are confused about the roll out of eth 2.0. If anyone is interested in having a basic explanation I will try my best to give you a basic synopsis here to make it an easy read.
    Phase 0: the beacon chain

    Expected: Q4 2020

    Phase 0 is what people are talking about when they speak on any of the eth2 news. This is only the first part of Eth2. This consists of launching the beacon chain. It won't be fully operational right away because there won't be any shard chains, so there'll be nothing to keep in sync other than itself. This is in essence the spine of eth2 without the rest of its bones. The beacon chain's main role in Eth2 is making sure all the shards have the most up-to-date data.

    At first, the beacon chain will be responsible for registering validators and coordinating everyone's staked ETH. This is foundational to the rest of Eth2 and lays the groundwork for the shard chains.
    In other words, once the beacon chain is live, you'll be able to stake your real ETH. So it should have a postive effect on price action due to people being able to lock up eth in order to earn rewards, but it will not help to scale the ethereum blockchain. Staking in Phase 0 is a one-way transaction. You won't be able to withdraw your ETH until the shard chains are available in Phase 1. That's because staking in Phase 0 will be handled by a smart contract on mainnet (the Ethereum we use today). A big boom for the price but not so good for lowering gas fees and increasing Transactions per second. Those things will only come with the next phases. This is why they are heavily reliant on people comming up with second layer solutions for the time being until they can roll out the other phases.

    Phase 1: the shard chains

    Expected: sometime in 2021 if there are no issues with the becon chain

    Phase 1 is when the shard chains come in. These are chains that are delegated a portion of Ethereum's transactions and account data. They will be proof-of-stake chains, which means validators (who have staked ETH) will create blocks – not miners like today.

    Phase 1 should start with 64 shards but they won't support accounts or smart contracts right away. This will allow scaling but the eth we know and use today will not exactly be properly intigrated into this. That will occur in the next phase.

    Phase 1.5: mainnet becomes a shard

    Expected: 2021?

    Up until Phase 1.5, the Ethereum we use today on mainnet will continue as a proof-of-work blockchain. Transactions will continue to be processed by miners. But in Phase 1.5, mainnet will officially become a shard and transition to proof-of-stake. This is one of the more complicated hurdles faced. Joining the only blockchain to the new proof of work blockchain seemlessly and transitioning an already existing proof of work blockchain into a proof of stake.

    Phase 2: fully formed shards

    Expected: 2021?/2022+ (If everything else goes off without a hitch)

    In Phase 2, shards should be fully functional chains. Shards will now be compatible with smart contracts and they'll be able to communicate with each other more freely. Developers may even be able to design shards in their own ways. Phase 2 is still very much in the research phase. This is the completed, fully scaled version of ethereum which is still in the works. Setting a time frame for this is nearly impossible because it is dependant on so many other factors including the successful implimentation of the previous phases. They will only be able to generally predict the time frame for the next step when the current step they are working on looks like it's on solid grounding. This is the issue with trying to repair an already moving project this could show up next year or it could be a very very long way out. Only time will tell.

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  • Hype it up all you want, ETH 2.0 may still end up in disappointment… IF and big IF they even make deadline date. Don't hold your breath thats for sure.

  • This is so hard to understand

  • Look at the 12 hr time frame on ETH where following the uptrend channel

  • You will make more profit from Cardano….

  • Can I still stake if my eth is on two different exchanges? Or do I have to move all of it to the same exchange

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