Why is Bitcoin Crashing Right Now??

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  • You look like you’ve been fishing!

  • I can stomic it. buy buy thanks Toby and Hyde

  • limited supply backed by nothing…

  • No dramas, but now looking at houses a bit further into the country in the Algarve 😰 Also gone from Bentley to BMW 😂

  • Why don’t we ever hear from whales about what whales do? Blaming whales for price drops is beginning to sound like a conspiracy theory.

  • Bitcoin is not crashing. Volatility is the nature of crypto markets.

  • iBG Finance – a DeFi Wealth Management DApp – is a 5 component integrated product suite offering users an AI-driven DeFi wealth management portfolio service.

  • Yeah but how long is the dump gonna be

  • Next week it will be at 50k and everyone will say “Moon”.

    Sentiment changes everyday.

    Just HODL

  • I freaked out a little bit this morning, started looking at selling some things but then stopped myself. All of a sudden a Zen vibe took over lol and I thought, “Hail no!”. Didn’t feel right! So I strapped myself in and I’m currently riding shotgun🎢😁🤘

  • HODL boys)))) Remember You are a HOLDER not SELLER!)))

  • <BTC hits another bearish market cost as individuals expanded their offers in order to make immense addition from the ascent however as we would all be able to see now the market is truly insecure , truly you can generally make more benefit from tradn instead of just hodlin and sitting tight at the cost of BTCto soar . Surely its an extreme choice for both old and beginners whose intensions are simply to hodl and sell yet rather the possibilities of tradnBtc would permit you develop yourBtc not disapproving of the current value graph and furthermore saving your butt from any future profound that may happen . I began tradn with Joseph Lawrence Michael since toward the end of last year and till date have made over 16Btc even with the high points and low points since the excursion.

  • Should I buy more XTZ? Are you going to too?

  • Boomers attack to bitcoin. Weak attempt.

  • Have bought at every price and will continue.

  • Another day in crypto 👍🏻 Tell em Toby 😎

  • Hey Toby when are you and Heidi gonna do a vid on El Salvador?

  • Replace the word “whales” with traders at Goldman Sachs and I agree with you.

  • Or use it as a chance to add more like the whales.


  • Nice Video!! Very engaging from beginning to the
    END.Nevertheless,business And Investment are the best way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office

  • Lessons learned by this daytrader. Always close your trades at the end of the day, even if it destroys your record breaking score. It was a fun ride up, but better traders with more volume outwitted me. And I made some mistakes too along the way. I got so focussed on the micro that I forgot to check up on the macro. I have been anticipating a large correction for days so I kept a short open and just averaged it up as the price seemed to bounce off 50.500. I expected it to maybe break through a little, but not for it to rise up to 53k before correcting. So I put to much leverage on it putting liquidation at 52911. I would have made so much cash on the flash crash had I only gone x50. They really did whipe me out. And I though I had a good long/short strategy. A well, back to level 4 😀

  • Thanks Toby!

  • I think people that are new panic. Don't do that. I bought at 7k, promptly dropped 50%. Kept it.

  • Thanks Toby yes a big crash but just hold tight and yes you guys are always advocating DCA now is a perfect time for that. Take care over there you two hold tight

  • I basically agree, but black clothes and sombre background. The beach is gone. The feeling is ominous.

  • Meh. I bought a little more today.

  • Investing in stocks or real estates are very good ideas though real estate investment seems a bit more complex. Who else is in line with me?

  • The trolls plundered the fungus patch before the blimps could begin their assault.

  • How is Bitcoin going to get up to new ATHs if whales keep doing this?

  • Thanks for the comforting words Toby, I agree with you, we could take some of the profits off the top of any crypto from time to time, however not BTC. If we need the depreciating FIAT for whatever reason, we could borrow against it but never sell it. Generational wealthy people borrow against their property but never sell their appreciating asset, ie. the case of the 6th Duke of Westminster in London, would he sell his real estate in downtown London ever? I agree with Saylor on holding the stronger smarter harder asset is the best strategy. Not to mention the tax implications of selling, just throwing in my 2 cents in, keep up the great work guys, big fan here

  • you look so panicked man! you look terrefied!

  • "We're not panicked" Sounds panicked

  • The big dip is still coming…this was just a test.I think we will see another dip next week or two..market turned bearish today, but it will bounce back in October..I'v lost money today, but it will recover in the near future.The question is what is the new low to buy??!! BTC 28K, ETH 2800 or ?

  • They shouldn't freak out. This is war.

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