Why $3500 is cheap for Ethereum

In this Ethereum ETH technical analysis and price prediction, we will look at on chain data, dominance charts, relative valuations to other crypto assets and look at the overall crypto currency landscape from a macro perspective. Where is Ethereum ETH headed right now? How will the price develop over time? This cryptocurrency analysis gives interesting data.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  • Eth is stuck at the 3ks like wtf

  • You all say the same shit

  • more ta videos…we are not fuckin idiots, we can see the charts for ourselves

  • I am new subscriber and new to the crypto market this year and it seems tough to tame.. Been a rough patch last couple months on the market. I have invested 2k into aave recently. And 1k in each AMP and ALC.. have I missed my should I not be buying these type coins and focus on buying up as much ETH and BTC and just leave it? I'm not sure how to become the normal day trader in crypto and unsure how about reading the market but very interested in learning. What's the best beginner guide to follow?

  • nice! New subscriber! Thanks for sharing. Keep posting!

  • Very good analysis but why ETH at 3.5k is cheap? …i just saw answer below nevermind.

  • Thanks again.

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  • Best analogy I've heard is it's like a fountain, btc is at the top, the water overflows when btc cup is full into eth and then floods the alts

  • Ethereum sucks!!! Proton XPR has Zero gass fees!

  • gutes Video, weiter so Junge!

  • I really like the way you analyze things! Thanks!

  • Always the voice of reason!, thanks again

  • You are doing such a great job! 👍Glad to have discovered your channel! 😊If you want to keep it simple, you could just buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in crypto winter and have a great performance. More risk, but potentially more profit if you increase the Ethereum percentage 😉

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Good mate !

  • Nice video, Gerhard. Thanks!

    I like to jump between BTC and the Alts depending on how the market is moving.

    I agree that Ethereum is undervalued. The future potential due to the modularity of the network is mind-boggling. If I had to put all my cash into one crypto for the future it would be Eth!

  • Thanks for an excellent analysis Gerhard! Brilliant.

  • But why is ethereum cheap for 3500?

  • Another epic video Gerhard, 100% agree, thanks again for the detailed analysis–you're a legend!!

  • Thank you

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