When Will SLP Recover? Axie Infinity Economic Update

Hello and welcome to When Will SLP Recover? Axie Infinity Economic Update

In this video we answer questions much of my Axie Infinity community has had. We go over the current economics of Axie Infinity, and what we need for SLP to recover within Axie Infinity. Enjoy!

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  • You realize if you remove AXS from the breeding cost, all of our Axies will drop in value by half? It won’t matter that SLP price will increase a bit at the point. Stop giving people bad ideas.

  • And hope they give back those waisted energy because of the crash i have waisted 3 energy
    Just like in arcades give token back🤣

  • If they just give the players earn axs beside from wining as top player, such as in adventure, nobody pursuit leveling up after ruin 21

  • Twas helpful. Thanks for the info. How about reviewing the MIR4 and its relevant tokens such as WEMIX & DRACO?🤗

  • I suggest that when you buy axie instead of ethereum why not slp?

  • sir just my idea!!! what if ronin dex would allow us to swap slp into axs then we can buy axie by axs which is good on economy which will burn both. what do u think?

  • I think we want to keep AXS because if you get rid of axs then our axie nft's will pretty much become worthless where with axs at least there is some stability in value

  • The real reason why it's going down is the opposite of the reason it went up and you and I both know what that means. i love the shape triangle

  • The evident lack of price increase in SLP, suggests that issuance is still over minted and unless, the reduction is addressed, then it will fall further and if there is nothing to offer optional for farming, then new players will go to the other P2E games. Axie is risking losing so much ground, by trying to keep AXS tokens inflated and in protecting that price, it risks ruining the game and the long term will be catastrophic. Having an operational Dex and Landplay will just dust over the cracks and nothing more……

  • I agree… AXS should not be a part of breeding. Doesn't make sense since there's no way to farm in game, which means that cost falls on breeders (like me) who are also the reason axies exist in the marketplace. Worse case scenario, breeding should only cost a small fractional share of AXS (i.e., 0.1 fractional share)

  • AXS and not being able to farm it is one of the reasons why it's better to just be a scholar to enjoy the game without paying the cost of multiple AAA titles just to get 1 team going. Cost-to-Entertainment-Value of Axie Infinity for a gamer is really bad if we totally disregard playing it to earn.

  • New nerf and buff = new meta = new farms
    Ronin Dex = no fees for breeder
    I think by the end of the month slp will rise to 0.10$

  • this guy already quit axie and then came back after all the drama and the negative things he mentioned. I guess he realized that axie is still profitable.

  • Sir slp 70% loss… slp pump any chance please tell sir

  • Another great video

  • with ronin dex probably stablizing around $0.12 – $0.15

  • Hi my king🙂💓

  • Now that was a great video, no FUD, no Hype, just great analysis and all of those observations are on point. Nice! 👍🏻

  • We need an update using SLP to level up our axie. Because the use of energy in adventure to just level your axie is anoying and useless. If they change that by using slp to lvl your axie it will help a lot in burning.

  • I don't think SLP will go up as many expect. The economy of Axie Infinity depends on the influx of new players which will only increase the minting of SLP. Considering the unlimited availability of SLP and the current lack of additional burning mechanisms in the game, SLP will probably remain at this level for a long time. I personally look at Axie from a global perspective and not just from the perspective of SLP. AXS and axies have appreciated significantly and staking is a welcome addition to income generation. Sticking to SLP will most probably disappoint despite growth in the Axie universe.

  • Can we all just call it a Ponzi scheme now lol.

  • When will you cry again? 🤣🤣🤣

  • As always, thank you for supporting the community! Much love and respect man! 👍

  • Hello my friend 😊

  • its obvious now the new player thinks a lot before entering in to the game creating a lots of questions and earlier profits from this game due to Current situation. Still looking forward for a miracle by developer their single positive move can change the whole scenario. Community be positive and cheer up. Thanks Crypto king keep bringing hope.

  • BTC dominance bleeds SLP and other coins. 😔

  • Really? A ton?

  • I dont think slp will recover sooner.not until they released updates that will require more slp to be burned. For now thats not likely to happen knowing everyday there are new players coming to the game and that means more slp farmers which will add more slp to the already flooded circulating supply in the market.even ronin dex is just a short term solution imo .the only thing i am optimistic about is the release of updates that will need to burn more slp like the land gameplay

  • I think the solution was to keep the AXS as gas fee/ commission taken to players/breeders while posting their for sale axie.. and will only be deducted when the axie is bought/sold

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