What to do when Tether (USDT) executives get arrested by the Department of Justice

Panic! Just kidding.

An inside source (according to an inside source) just told me executives at Tether might get arrested soon. In this video I talk about how to chill out, think rationally, and respond to stories like this without making stupid choices.



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  • Nothing, cause i'm pretty sure it won't happen

  • You made a pretty good movie, almost for an hour,but I think it's not worth just intimidating people or preparing them for something when the leaders of Tether are all right with the Department of Justice.

  • Q:I'm new in crypto-but I see that btc price growns when the new thether is "printed"- correct? By usdt fraud btc price will collapse but what about other stablecoins? They will somehow collapse either? Btw usdC IS NOT INSURED BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION. And what do you think about dao stablecoin? greetings from Poland

  • people say to use USDT for trading alts but I still prefer trading them against BTC. any holdings I have in stable coins is USDN at the moment from Neutrino which is part of the WAVES ecosystem, and I am earning staking rewards on it through Vires lending platform. I could deff see Tether causing a flash crash as it would look like buy pressure disappears into thin air in many markets. Thanks for the thoughts, I did not know Canada has already acted and will deff look into that. Thanks again. Sorry I haven't been around Mooney group, I hope all is well

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