Warning! BTC Pullback is Imminent! And so is Altcoin Season! Are you ready???

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  • Holy shit you are totally right bitcoin just crashed hard at 58k

  • I’m having trouble joining your trader group. Could you help me out? Thanks

  • I'm betting on Dogecoin. I think Elon Musk will come through again.

  • Cryptosphere I think Bitcoin' large block size might weaken its value overtime which leads to centralized entities having more power. Block size limit controversy in wiki explains it well.

  • No XRP today?

  • Let’s go! 🚀🚀🚀

  • Forgot $xrp cryptogenic ?

  • Love the video mate as always.

  • nice info man! thnx

  • Does this apply to XRP👀might sell some so I can buy more if it drops

  • Great work.
    I just subbed, my gut says your neutral, and a good man.

  • Exactly what I’m seeing on BTC, that I referred to the other day in a comment. What I’m unsure of is the timing, both BTC alone and in relation to price action of other major alts. I need to swing trade, and my fear is potentially missing the biggest swing trade opportunity in history, if these coins move on timelines distinct enough to jump from one to the next and get an ultimate leg up. I’m not factoring in XRP, and despite any long term potential there, I just don’t see it happening soon enough to take advantage of what might be imminent in terms of moves across the market as a whole. How I wish we could see the future!

  • How do I join your Hodl group?
    Thanks 😊

  • You should get a UDEMY course like the bearable bull. I would pay the $13. One time fee to learn from you. I believe it’s ligit and you could make the passive income which can benefit both you and us. Just a thought. But as always. Ty

  • How do we get into your trading group? I own litecoin. And interested in hose to grow my money with you. Ty fir all you do for us.

  • You have no idea what you talking about, if BTC pulled back to 25K then that means end of bull run and the world will dump, it will then stay low for 3 or 4 years. A healthy pull back would be to 40K, not 25.

  • Cardano is the real shit guys, Best foundation.

  • Hmm interesting 🤔

  • The party has moved over to the Binance Smart Chain.

  • Love it. I’m new to this but for past week I’d been feeling off about the fact that Eth price was going up as volume kept going down. Finally built up the nerve yesterday to pull out as it decreased to 1750s and then try and jump back in at like 1500s if it gets back there. Then it hits ATH today. This makes me feel better haha

  • I am coming

  • Thanks for the info! 🛸

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