[WARFRAME] Giant Tether Nerf? Further Corpus Railjack Information l Call of Tempestari

Tether was OP so pretty expected.

Hopefully blackout pulse becomes decent

links to reddit posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/m1ej2b/faq_dev_workshop_corpus_proxima_the_new_railjack/

[FAQ 2] Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack from Warframe

twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gaz_ttv
twitter: https://twitter.com/TtvGaz



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  • Laughs in Particle Ram

  • Do you have to refarm intrinsic for the railjack update yes or no

  • I should be MR30 by this time

  • Tether had to go

  • My major gripe with the video is that at the end we're told not to grind railjack before the update. This is because in said update, dirac is going to be converted into endo meaning players can get mountains of free endo from playing right now and salvaging wreckage.

  • I'm actually not mad at this nerf or any other RJ ability nerf that will come. We'll be spamming them a ton with the changes

  • I honestly like the tether nerf. It was meant to be a cc like ability, and we have plenty of abilities to use that can destroy ships easily. It does slightly increase grind, but I think it is fine because you can have a more diverse strategy instead of one overarching strong one.

  • tbh it was too op

  • 9:07 gotta love that shameless bragging lmao

  • I still find it odd that they are putting Railjacks in the market, considering that once the update drops, they will have lowered the resource requirements and build time twice.

  • It's sad to see how much time they put into railjack when it was clear when it came out that almost no ones gives a shit about it. Time they could've spent on new mission types, new tilesets, new enemies, new factions, instead spent on this garbage

  • What kinda weird jurnalism is this, im watching a video about a blog, put some video with tether at least or wtvr.
    I really dont care about the nerfs.
    Bramma nukor glaive ignis copy paste warframe.
    Boring. Talking everytime about fun but you all go running to the same boring shit.

  • when does the update begin

  • How the hell are we supposed to kill 70 fighters without a proper avionic? Shoot them one by one?
    No thank you.

  • So unless they buff other avionics, I don't see myself playing RJ after revision

  • This is bad. I really didn't want Tether nerfed. Out of all the abilities, it was the only one that could effectively kill fighters. Munition Vortex has a very small range so it's not usable for me. Void hole looks cool and all but doesn't do that much damage and costs the most.

  • Players: Oh no Tether is nerfed
    Also Players: Anyway
    infinite energy + seeker volley spam intensifies

  • I disagree with Tether being useless after the nerf. If Tether amps the damage of everything you do, it's going to stay on many load outs. The difference will be that you launch Tether to group enemies and de buff them then you nuke them all with some other ability. Tether is no longer the nuke. Tether will make other abilities the nuke. Hell, if the nerf all the abilities we may just NEED Tether's damage buff to keep other Raijack abilities viable.

  • How do we get the wreckage for that umbral… lol

  • I'm not sure I like what I've seem so far…

  • Dont ask for contents for them nerf is a new content.

  • I'd rather keep the grid and have the railjack be how the host built theirs than have bullshit formajack. This is such garbage, I was looking forward to the command intrinsic too but now idk if I'll ever touch railjack again.

  • I dont think that tether is useless, before or after. I have been using void hole with no issue and killed all enemy types in veil proxima. I do agree that too many players depended on it far too much.

  • Way too negative bro

  • Nerfing the one thing that makes this crappy mode playable? lol. Melee, the only saving grace the game has, yeah, we're gonna nerf that shit too… Yeah, that's gonna get me to login! Sell the IP to a competent studio, DE!

  • As a console player that missed railjacks release due to a break I have been scrambling to get it up and running and of course just bought tether but only for 10p. I still think it might be worth it since I have about a month to farm before the changes hit us and am not even close to maxing avianics grid.

  • Me and my friend can easily wipe the floor with an entire mission worth of fighters just with void hole and one well placed rocket. We thought that was meta, not tether…

  • Even if they'll nerf tether we still have seeker volley so not all hope is lost.

  • fine! nerf tether! i'll fucking group em up with void hole again like before!

  • Same old story, as soon they make something that makes the game efficiant, they nerf it, why not just make the fighers stronger? Why not make the AI flying in lose formations? Still I like tether, it made rj quick and clean.

  • I'm actually glad that Tether is getting nerfed. Now we'll actually have to, y'know, move. If I want to play Duck Hunt, I'll boot up my NES.

  • I really dont like your attitude anymore.. you are always SO negative about every little detail, even more than I am.. and it seems to get worse and worse.. yet you still big-whale on everything in the game.. I would love for you to also appreciate the game for once without adding negativity..
    I still watch you since you are one of the very few guys that actually reports on new stuff.. and the work you do IS good.. I just wish you would also tell us you LIKE the game you invest your life into for once..

  • so I have NOT built a launcher thing, because I just dont use it anyway.. BUT I built 6 diffrent weapons (and ofcourse all other stuff) so does this still count? or do you need each slot built 1 specifically?

  • Best Captain is clearly Hydroid Prime because being an actual pirate.

    Also laughs in Seeker Volley.

  • Bruh upgrade to ublock, I can see adblock plus and an ad on the same screen and I am disgusted

  • I'll keep saying this and I'll say it again, theres no need for all these nerfs if DE just better enemy AI :/

  • Railjack is going to suck even harder

  • People are having fun with void hole? Nope.
    People moved on to having fun with tether?? Nope.

  • I see a lot of discontent surrounding the tether nerf yet Iโ€™ve yet to hear a good reason for it to stay as is.
    It is overpowered. You can destroy 80 fighters in veil proxima in 1 minute with it while playing solo.

  • Eh, Tether will be fine if we get a decent AOE ordnance weapon/new ordnance weapons in general. Last I checked Larva is an amazing ability that also doesn't do damage so, whatever.

  • took me days to get tether haha I'm ok with nerfs,but dont make ridiculous drop chances for items that are going to get nerfed later on.

  • Can't wait for the Best Capt. Vid.

    My first thought was Hildy too. We'll have to see what DE does, cause auto regeneration for energy is op as hell. Plus, Hildy doesn't have a tricorn hat helmet. As far as I know thats just Hydroid and Limbo… kinda.

    Not bothered by the tether nerf. It costs double the energy of Munitions Vortex and kills too far away, which makes gathering loot a pain. Tried it, nty.

    Long live Munitions Vortex!

  • I really can't take your word for anything, ever tbo. A railjack ability "expected to suck" yah just like when you said the cortege was a mastery fodder….๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
    Feel sad for anyone who actually follow you blindly.

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