NFT’s are currently very popular. Digital art and digital collectibles are selling for whopping amounts because of this huge hype. We can capitalize this hype, by investing in the right projects. But which ones are the good ones? Let’s take a look.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 NFT Market stats
1:30 Enjin (ENJ)
4:46 Decentraland (MANA)
6:05 Ethernity Chain (ERN)
8:31 Chiliz (CHZ)
11:04 Rarible (RARI)
11:53 Polkamon

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional financial advisor and everything I say in my videos is just my own opinion and for educational purposes only.

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CryptoKitties Craze Has People Spending Millions On Virtual Cats


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  • Really cool project called Sealana NFTs, launching very soon and cool art (Early af too!)

  • Check out sportemogo!

  • Enter art 🚀👍

  • Watch Terra Virtua ($TVK) – NFT coin, huge potential. Watch what they are doing.

  • Shibi inu go to the moon

  • No ECOMI neither Flow, " Top 5 " he says lel xD

  • Take a look into $nfy. They are taking NFT to a whole new level!

    The "Roadmap" given by CEO Cyotee, exciting news are coming Mates!!
    – Secure token sale platform.
    – DeFi hedge fund platform with token price support and buyer risk mitigation.
    – An actually legal Defi VC platform.
    – Asset management and transaction builder.
    – DeFi code security standards.
    – DeFi standards and practices.
    – On-chain audit recording platform.
    – Unique AMM and volume concentrator.
    – Cross-chain name service.
    – Security analysis service for non-technical users.
    – Asset recovery service for compromised wallets and contracts.
    – DeFi charity and charitable donation platform with donation ear-marking for expenditure accountability.
    – Cross-chain and off-chain DID standard consolidating other standards.
    – Cross-chain development framework to facilitate multi-chain launches and multi-chain platforms
    – and lot's more. Including space…yes, really space!

  • Bonfire and Moonpirate to the moon!!! 🚀(both less than a week old so super early🥺🥺)

  • Pekc a new token that will be worth 1 dollar

  • Love polkamon,,,!,,,,,,

  • Good view mate! Can you give you opinion also in NFTT? It's a new project building liquid matching engine. They also have a token which will IDO in Daoduck. Wanna know you view here. Ciao.

  • Rarible took my money and the art never showed up. After that i still went and reupload another art but the art is blank. No display no nothing. This scam is worse than the lottery. I paid 96$ to upload the arts through gas fees. If you are a new artist, people can't even search for your art. When people search or type your art it shows zero results. I had 4 other people who tried and they said their problem was worse. 2 people told me it's been 9 months since Rarible took 102$ off them and they never got a reply including myself. Never. They would write Rarible about the problem till now but still no reply. Rarible has the worse support team to ever exist. Plus if you are a new artist they try their best so you won't make a sale. I'ts true. SO TRUE. scam scam scam. con con con. money money money.$$$. BECAREFUL BEFORE YOU UPLOAD AND BUY. BE-CAREFUL.

  • Where do you buy these small cap coins?

  • You should check out mello token. It’s only 2 weeks old. Has great looking charts an a great project behind it

  • Thanks bro, will follow your advice

    btw, when do you plan on reviewing CVR? Their insurance solutions are definitely cool followed by heavy policy discounts!! What do you think?

  • Need your view on PolkaCover. Can’t take a desition about them. Good insurance system and solutions but some price go down. I see it growing but I can’t definitely decide about this stuff. Help you bro outttt

  • polkamon has no exchanges ..

  • When someone is straight forward and good at what they do people will keep and always speak for them. For me I would say give Fortunes_hack on IG a try and you’d be happy you did

    When someone is straight forward and good at what they do people will keep and always speak for them. For me I would say give Fortunes_hack on IG a try and you’d be happy you did

    When someone is straight forward and good at what they do people will keep and always speak for them. For me I would say give Fortunes_hack on IG a try and you’d be happy you did

  • I thought he was going to scam me like others but eventually comes to be a good hacker, fortunes_hack on Instagram is the best

  • Consistency made it perfection he is the best at what he does TYSM fortunes_hack on Instagram

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