This is Why the XRP Army Will Take Over NFTs (Songbird Sidechain Goes Live)

Just because Ripple is locked in an ongoing battle with the SEC, doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop constantly developing ways to improve their protocol and ecosystem. The wheels continue to spin inside the minds of the leaders and developers at Ripple Labs. The court case isn’t a reason for them to pump the breaks. It would be a bad sign if there wasn’t new news coming out about further development and enhancement of the protocol. As the Supreme Leader, Strategist, and Commander of the XRP Army, instead of focusing on the court case, today lets zoom in on the new and exciting things happening inside the walls of Ripple Labs and what this means for the future.

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In this video, we’ll discuss the latest XRP news and updates. We’ll go over Ripple getting into the NFT game and talk about the developments of their sidechains.

0:00 Intro
0:54 Federated sidechains
3:56 Ripple and NFTs
5:25 Songbird Sidechain

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