These Crypto NFT Gaming Gems will 100X! (Actually Urgent) | Blockchain Video Games

Today Alex Becker and I discuss the insane wave of value creation that will be coming to #crypto #gaming including games like #GuildofGuardians #ThetanArena #ChickenDerby and others. This is the beginning of a HUGE community movement to get ahead of this once-in-a-lifetime trend. This is just the START of a massive community dedicated to mastering the crypto gaming space. Please join us for the ride and come back EVERY WEDNESDAY for a new #livestream.

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Get Rich With Blockchain Gaming?

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  • Two of my favs together 🤙🏻

  • Hey guys, Old Fart here, a great format.You work well together.

  • How do i start earning well from trades? I have lost alot tradingOn my own 😭😭

  • How do i start earning well from trades? I have lost alot tradingOn my own 😭😭

  • RUNNITH!!! I've been doing my own research since I started watching you. Taking your tips and I always seem to be right on track with your thoughts recently when you come out with new videos about these video games. They are changing the world! So glad to be here and be a part of this community!

  • If there are people in the crypto universe that can build a knowledgeable and tight community with a burning desire for gaming, it’s you two! I do hope that this show continues and that you can build and create more from it, than just a YouTube channel.
    Great show, great insights and for many a good eye opener!

  • Ya'll should look into 1-up then

  • Thank you for putting these talks together!

  • Alex still owes me money

  • Chaingames!! Is the AAA

  • Can give any mention Of superfarm?

  • Quality show! Some very interesting insight.

  • Back in May when the market dropped, Alex Becker went on Twitter to say words to the effect of "hey all you rubes who invested in NFT projects, how's that working out for you?" Anybody remember that?


  • Why Does Becker always seem to be warning us against game projects lately with 200-300 million marketcap and no demonstrable game…What does he know about SuperFarm that we don't know Ellio??

  • so… what is the upcoming games that show potential???

  • nice show. keep i up and thank you for tthe guidance

  • Devikins ellio thats a gem

  • So good. Cudos, gents.

  • Is it Eeeelio?

  • #Ecomi to the Sun!!!

  • All you need is a game like TIBIA for now updated for nfts and blockchain

  • If you wanna follow a gamer on yt who knows his stuff and plays all dis stuff for ya, check out CagyJan. Interviewed by Ivan

  • Great Show play to earn gaming will help to set so many free from their Mundane Boring Jobs that they hate 🔥

  • This use for mfts I can buy. In my heart of hearts I don't get the cheap, ugly, a third grader could put it together crypto Punk mfts. But this is real utility and I appreciate you bringing it to people so that we can become aware of a very big thing happening.

  • Check out Wanchains Twitter feed, first ever layer 1-2 & 2-2 direct bridges. Less than 200million market cap. Huge moon coming. 50-100x

  • Dude 5k ? a tiny back ?
    MAN! im so fucking poor hahaha

  • Checking out Mist.. Mist is looking as good, also seems to be a good buy in point!! God Bless, Thx Guys!!

  • Stupid guy, doesn’t wanna talk about any coins… Thanks Elio tho

  • A good name for the show "barefoot luxury" great show

  • as far as I know that the game, Monstarrior, will release this Sep. And it also has an Airdrop. Im so confuse. Can you review about it?

  • Anyone knows which coins do they mean will 100x? some examples of which coins they were talking about?

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