The Most DAMAGING Mistake You're Making in Bitcoin and Market Analysis

The most damaging mistake you’re making in bitcoin and market analysis. If there is one major error that we all make when it comes to trading or analysing charts, it is this. Most of us are constantly thinking about major “news” events and other fundamental (or economic) news events such as the “jobs report”, the “GDP report”, “bitcoin halving” events, and sudden bad news events. It seems like we think that price action is “caused” by the news and that price will move in the way we expect. In this video we explain why this approach is wrong and flawed, and what are the better approaches we can consider. #Bitcoin #stockmarket #AlessioRastani

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  • Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. Your videos are always positive and empowering.

  • Fundamentals schmundamentals

  • Thanks~~~~< for watching<>_and don't forget••••to hit the like><~button and if you want~<~advice and insight…..on investment in Crypto/Strategy….>>D.M…..
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  • Thanks~~~~< for watching<>_and don't forget••••to hit the like><~button and if you want~<~advice and insight…..on investment in Crypto/Strategy….>>D.M…..

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  • Although I understand and agree with most of what you say here..I don’t agree that fundamentals are always misleading or lagging and that it should be ignored completely. You could probably argue that price action can sometimes mislead as well (new high then correction, false breakouts, etc). Just look back at Feb 2020, the first time coronavirus really took the centre stage, look what it did to the markets. That is a fundamental/news event that took the markets down in the ‘expected’ direction.

    My point is, I wouldn’t just throw away fundamentals completely, but would use it as another data source along with other indicators to help me better speculate what might happen next.

    Btw I enjoy your videos and look forward to your next ones!

  • That's because the stock markets have nothing to do with the real economy anymore.

  • I STRONGLY disagree, you tell a story of of unemployment news were BAD in march 2020 and the MARKET got up not because of being irrational BUT because the NEWS were that the FED was going to PRINT TRILLIONS!!!! That's NEWS and NOT technical!!!!
    THIS is the first video I STRONGLY disagree with you 🙂

  • Translation: Bitcoin ETF could instead produce a price dump. Alessio, like this if you confirm.

  • Alessio, would love to hear how you manage to stay slim, hitting 40 soon and its a battle !! lol

  • So since stating this historical precedent, we can presume when war breaks out that gold will moon 🌙

  • l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
    comment below
    let's gooooo

  • The market appears to increase but how much is inflation vs real value?

  • I like your videos Alessio but there are few many mechanics that drive the market and I believe news does play a role. During 2020 when stocks rose parellel to COVID cases. It did make sense as investors saw fed flooding money in the market and smart money moved ahead of the economy. When the job report is down there are other positive factors that show a positive prospect and stocks could go up. You just have to know everything to predict the market just not job report or inflation report. I agree it’s best to buy something at good price regardless of market and wait.

  • Hey Alessio,
    I do like your videos but I gently disagree with you. News do have impact on the price. There are lots of examples. Just to name a few:

    1. Before the lockdown and the major crash in 2020, the stockmarket was already going down because of the virus. You did a similar video at that time, saying "Silly people think the market is going down because of covid – fundamentals shmundamentals." At the end, it was the virus that took down the stockmarkets.
    2. Decline in XRP (December 2020) because of lawsuit.
    3. Tesla buying in to BTC in february.

    Especially when the markets are overbought and people greedy, there is a lot of movement by news. Although it might be a different story with forseeable events that take place in the future.

  • The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.

  • If you say that in May 2020 the halving was already priced in Bitcoin, what do you think made BTC to go 7x within a year?

  • Probably the ETF expectation is already price in for btc

  • greed beats fear

  • Word

  • Fundamentals schmundamentals…

  • The Deadly Bitcoin Mistake You Are Probably Making
    see your own video man

  • Buy when people are scared. Sell when people are greedy. Said an old man. Warren Buffet

  • great views as always tk you for the education

  • Great video. Always the charts. The charts don't lie 🙂 Hope you are fully recovered now and ready for this bull run 🙂

  • What are the pros/cons for a westerner moving to Iran? I'm an outspoken atheist, does that make it a bad idea perhaps? If someone could provide good sources I'd be very thankful.

  • Great video. I am happy you are well again 👍

  • Cocaine fueled market… bad news is good news when you have cocaine markets.
    Because the idea is money juggling Fed will go burrrrrrrrrr on the juggle.

  • because eveeeeerything is priced in, eeeeeeverything

  • You are so good. Always thanks. Alessio.

  • 4.03 back to the

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