The case for Ethereum price to double in 2021 and the future of DeFi – Brian Norton

Ethereum, while outperforming Bitcoin in 2020, has been living in the larger cryptocurrency’s shadow, but it’s only a matter of time before prices double again from here, said Brian Norton, COO of MyEtherWallet.
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Czym jest Ethereum?

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  • Etherium classic is superior

  • Ethereum was as good as dead a year ago… All BS to suck in people hard earned money… In a year s time, the same people will tell you that Ethereum has no value.

  • Instead of odering whoppers with cheese order just the whopper n put extra cash on Ethereum

  • Money being thrown into dumpster fires like Ethereum is an indicator that the euphoria stage of the market cycle has been reached. Blow off top coming to crypto this year.

  • Once the fools and their money have been parted by the Ethereum sh!tco!n circus, all the value will move to Bitcoin as the beneficiaries of this decide to store their value.

  • The even excellent excited acoustic morphologically list because business sicily deliver afore a hurried atom. nifty, quixotic elizabeth

  • Wow! This is Kitco!

  • Overtook gold this week, perhaps today. $1850 vs $1820.

  • ~"Technically speaking I don't like to speculate on price, but this price is going to double."


  • ALYI and CWRK going to the moon now!

  • This guy said that there will be nothing to incentivize mining when bitcoin runs out… is he not aware of transaction fees?

  • Imagine if you could follow David's portfolio. With his knowledge.sigh.

  • 1.5x speed or higher thank me later

  • Ethereum is more deflationary than Bitcoin, as they are planning to go PoS, which is hyper-deflationary the rich get richer type of technology. Even if they heavily dilute the stock, decreasing the price, the ownership ratio and who gains the most will remain constant. More attempts of dilution = more staking = less ETH available = price increases.

  • THis company should change their name to Kitcoin. Even Peter Huq (the boss) sees it to be so funny to belittle silver. There is certainly nobody left at this company that sees metals, and not just gold/silver, as any kind of viable investment.

  • Ethereum 2.0

  • Ethereum Eun looks ready to go to $6500. David lim and KITCO are so open minded about digital assets eth and bitcoin. This is opposite of Peter Schiff who has lost his clients millions of dollars by telling them to not buy bitcoin since 2010. Thanks kitko.

  • I love it Bitcoin won’t dictate eth moves as it is becoming a big player alongside Bitcoin

  • 35bn locked now. He did not do great job of explaining. That 35bn is locked up in smart contracts on ethereum, allowing people to borrow lend and trade with NO MIDDLE MAN.

  • Should've asked Vitalik.

  • This interview is obviously old. It's probably from last year (2020). TVL as of 5th Feb 2021 is $35 billion

  • BUY NOW B4 you regret it 🚀🚀💵💵💵

  • This guest opened with, " bitcoin was designed for the purposes of transferring bitcoin" oh really? Well someone hasn't read the whitepaper have they??
    Therefore I turned off straight away.

  • Ah. Ah. Um. Ah. Um. Ah….. fuck man. come prepared

  • so when these "popular" apps shut down just like that, because they can, your wealth is bye bye in the drain. No one give s s*it about apps, contributions and b.s.. Everyone wants to own its own wealth

  • Nothing like someone promoting shitcoins. I love it. 🤣

  • What value is bitcoin storing?

  • Thanks David, that's the first Ethereum explanation I listened to. So sorry I ignored Ethereum till now.
    People, this is the future of DeFi and it just started. Thank you Brian for such a clear explanation.

  • ‪”Brave New Coin, Solana to Help Solve Nevada's Cannabis Problem‬
    ‪A pilot program will create a tokenized ecosystem on the Solana blockchain that lets cannabis companies make payments”.Solana is on fire

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