The BIGGEST THREAT to Axie Infinity

I figured that I’d have another interesting hot take in this video. This in my opinion is the TRUE BIGGEST THREAT to Axie Infinity. Let me know your thoughts on the comments below.

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  • had a lot of fun making this video ; Hope you all enjoyed this hot take.

  • A and B

  • Still hoping 🙂

  • Axie is only the tip of the iceberg. 3 years from now project quantum will eat them all. If you like first person shooter

  • Your title is wrong, the biggest threat is the bear market you nuff nuff

  • I entered the Axie field because of the P2E (Hodler background), and bought lots of axies for my scholars,
    But now I find myself buying the more meta and expensive axies for myself because the Arena mode is hella fun tbh. Slaying opponents is always a fun thing, getting slayed too

  • History, past record,success record and Loyalty is most important for investor.
    Axie infinity wins here. 3 years is not a joke.

  • I play for both, the game is not bad! Takes time, but im being able to diversify my Axies reverting my earnings into adopting more Axies, its a video game, its not a fucking livelyhood… it takes 2 to 3h a day to complete the daylis, save your earnings, get more axies and more importantly… get a fucking job.

  • Game is fun, no doubt. But definitely won't be spending $800 up if I won't earn it back. And people who say they don't care about earning, are lying to themselves.

  • I play for both profit and fun, but half the nft block chain games that come out, won't even affect axie, when 1/2 the games are pc and not mobile compatible, like illuvium the graphics look so good there's no way it's going to be on mobile, and less then .5% of people in the Philippines for example have good gaming pcs, but almost everyone has cell phones

  • I find axie fun because I loved playing deck-building competitive card games from the start. I am lying if I say I didn't start playing because of the interesting p2e (which was new to me), but right now my main drive to playing axie is the competitive aspect. And I believe it's the same for most people like me who loved playing MTG, Legends of Runeterra, etc.

    P.S. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • I personally believe hello kitty plushie would be a great asset to the channel! She seemed really happy to participate and I loved your video. It contains a lot of knowledge that I can use in the future😘 I also loved your charisma. I hope you’re having a great day!!!!!!!

  • Agree. Been thinking the same.

  • It's all about those Benjamins. I don't think people would be playing this game if there wasn't anything to earn of it. Plus there are a lot of better games to play out there.

  • I'll still love to watch this. Thanks again. Hope you will make more and more.😊

  • I only play to get those $$$

  • That what I have been waiting for is a big developers to get in so I can get in. If these small nft game developers don't make something fun they are going to be left in the dust.

  • Axie forever

  • One day you love axie, next day you hate it, your content was usefull at the begining, now a days is just a click to bite tittle… it feels like you dont Want axie to succed.. who knows

  • I am playing only for the money. The game is boring. Honestly who is going to play this game for the next 5 years everyday if it wasn't for the money

  • Hard facts..most players cares about the earning potential..there are more games that got better gameplay and free to play😁😁😁

  • I play Axie because it keeps earning money for me. I have not found another game that earns like Axie. Until I stop earning money in Axie; I will continue to play.

  • im still watching your video ♥️

  • I think the Dev team is well aware of this. Axie is surprisingly early on in development. I expect that they will improve the gameplay over time. Axie is the first big nft game which is a historical achievement in itself. I think axie is here to stay.

  • I have been watching your videos since I your channel popped out on my suggestions, you only had less than a hundred views, I would like to just give my opinion about your content, it’s about time to start making some fun content like sharing how you like a game while playing it and explaining it or anything you enjoy doing, talking on a video about the same thing again and again is making us lose interest on watching your videos, please 🙏

  • Earning potential, the game is not fun at all

  • 🙌

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