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BITCOIN settimana STORICA ATH POSSIBILE ENTRO QUESTA SERA #bitcoin #crypto #trading

#cryptocurrency #luna #altcoins

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Sheldon Evans

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  • Sheldon, stop pretend that you understand crypto !

  • Dear when it can go up again?

  • What is pumping the CAKE

  • Pls do a video on superrare token

  • Pls do a video on superrare token

  • Pls do a video on superrare token

  • What happened to Sheldon? He's reemerged as a shill. Same category as Bitboy…

  • Yes…GBU Sir 😍😍😍

  • Sheldon Evans great to see you back! Currently itching to sell Elrond for Terra or AVAX??? 🤔

  • Damn I’m really sad I missed this coin do you think there will be other opportunities like this?

  • Sheldonnnnnn!!!! So, pleased to see you back! We've all missed you <3 I hope you're okay now honey.

  • Airdrops are great ! I got airdropped 1200 OSMO tokens for staking ATOM and completing tasks 🙂
    Too bad i only got 120 LOOP tokens for staking LUNA

  • How is it possible to pay 20 % yield? Where does it come from?

  • Thanks man this went perfectly with the Coin Bureau videos covering Luna

  • Sorry, Luna is not a $400 BILLION project. lol

  • Very informative. Thanks for sharing your research

  • guys where can i buy terra and investem them buy delegate or staking? if i buy it on binance the withdrwal is suspended like other coins on this shit exchange? so on wich exchange can i buy terra to withdraw it to the ecosystem of terra to delegate an earn?

  • SAITO 🙂

  • And without UST? Especially in regards to the govt focusing on stable coins…

  • 1000$ for this bull market??this year??:O

  • Patiently waiting for Terra to be on Osmosis

  • We missed you, Sheldon! Welcome back. Would love an updated video on Axion now that it is integrated with polygon! Cheers

  • Great video. Got in LUNA at $0.50. I have made several videos when no YouTuber was talking about it. At the time I made a $500 prediction and people were laughing at me. Before the upgrade I revised my prediction to $1K and people thought I was nuts. It’s great that bigger YouTubers like you are picking this up but the gains from $0.50 have been crazy. Messed up that I also made a video telling people that BNB would hit $500 in this Bull Run. I got into BNB at $0.16. It’s okay though. My subs have benefitted greatly.

  • Urgent message Sheldon.. Pls reply asap

    I am holding my money in BUSD. I want to know from u, that if USD collapses on Oct 18 or after that due to no Treasury Money as warned by US lawmaker then what will happen to my BUSD holdings? & if problem will happen, then what the best thing I can do? Pls guide Urgent

  • Great Video! Question about Terra, is it less energy intensive? I am super interested in the NFT side of things and have been digging Solana NFTs and want to hear more about that if possible. THanks!

  • clickbait video only 450$ max for luna or $1000 is possible

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