Star Atlas – The Trailer 🚀✨🪐

Select your faction at ! Visit to get a glimpse into the metaverse and fly through !

Immerse yourself in a metaverse of the future the size of an entire galaxy. Experience realistic Unreal 5 graphics as you explore, conquer and earn – its destiny is in your hands. Welcome to the final frontier. Welcome to Star Atlas.

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Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

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Star Atlas

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  • We want to see gameplay…

  • omg that was unexpected

  • No comprar Atlas hasta ver un Gameplay

  • We need a game play

  • They need it on mobile like mir4!

  • Would be more enjoyable as a movie franchise, or streaming series. Will not work as a game. @MegaBull is correct… all marketing hype.

  • 😯😯😯😯😯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • My life has totally changed since I started with $7,000 and now I make $ 29,450 every 11 days of trading..

  • So Dope!!!

  • A lot of artist and a small development team. This is a scam that wont get off the ground

  • This is going to turn into another Star Citizen situation. Do not buy anything without gameplay being shown first, you have an endless list of games that sold based on trailer hype alone but the actual game ended up shitting the bed. Never pre order.

  • How about some actual in game footage for fucks sake. All of you getting all creamy over cinematic bullshit, you must not be gamers

  • fucking hell even if this is not NFT im gonna play it STAR TREK vibes

  • greate I love this game…

  • Too good to be true BUT marketing is very good so there lies an opportunity for price speculation and gains!

  • Did they record the vocal tracks using a potato? They sound like absolute horse shit. So fucking cringey.

  • eh, probably a crypto scam

  • O problema desses vídeos é que não mostra a realidade do game, serve a penas para impressionar e aumentar o hype. vamos esperar lançar e ver se realmente vai ser bom. tenho boas expectativas.

  • Another team who saw star citizen success of people throwing money but this time the jam is blockchain and fucking NFT. More carbon prints lets goooooo

  • I love "Star Atlas!But I know that Octans will coming out with they own OCTA In-Game Nft OCTAVERSE! I'm waiting for…..!☺🙏

  • Beautiful trailer cinematic. But when gameplay?

  • Binance’da listelendiği gün hepimizin yeniden doğduğu gündür !

  • Qualidade de cinema muito bom parabéns.

  • Are you guys developing game or making a movie??

  • $ATLAS dipped like a mf

  • wow

  • Vamos que vamos, torcendo bastante aqui pelo projeto…

  • $atlas !!!

  • Excellent trailer!

  • I understand being excited for something, but come on. Overhype is the #1 killer of games like this. As it stands right now, this game is nothing. It does not exist except in concept and some NFTs you can buy. Don’t be a sucker. Wait until there is something concrete shown, or better yet something playable. I followed the development of Star Citizen since the beginning, but only bought in a year ago. If you spend $1000 on a ship in Star Atlas right now, the value could go up, but remember this is a brand new studio trying to make a game that is impossible with current technology. It will be YEARS until there is even a playable alpha IF it makes it that far, which it most likely won’t. Star Citizen has industry vets and a lot of money, but making a game that ambitious with a new studio is next to impossible. I can have a ton of fun in SC right now, which is why I bought it. Not for the hope of what it could be.

    This studio is going to learn a lot of lessons the hard way because they have little to no experience, and that will wane on public perception. So you can spend $1000 right now and watch that turn to nothing as the game is stricken with controversy and called a scam for taking too long. If you’re into NFTs you already know that risk, but think critically about projects like this, and don’t get suckered into buying based on some fancy words and a pretty CGI trailer. Wait until you see something of substance. I would love for this game to come out, but it literally is not possible currently, and they haven’t said their plan to make it possible. Stuff like this needs time and a plan. Star Citizen has talked at length about their plan with server meshing and persistence, how those work, and what it will allow them to do. They have a clear plan for the future. I would wait until Star Atlas can show how they will accomplish it’s meta verse before backing. Not saying this is a scam, just saying ideas are cheap. I can talk all day about what my dream game is, but can I accomplish it? No. Can Star Atlas be made anytime soon? No. It’s just ideas right now. Until they have something real to show this is not worth your money.

  • No importa el viaje a la luna lo pagan los pringados que compran los tokens el primer día, ya el resto nos reímos de estos e invertimos a la baja cuando todos vendan para en la siguiente subida llevarnos todo el margen que los primeros no se llevaron, saludos🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • lol look at all the fake likes and bots. FYI this is not even a game, more of a Crypto Marketplace, if you want a game steer clear.

  • They will make all the promises in the world and they won't even need to make the actual game as they are selling nft's to suckers already.

  • I wish start atlas will list the next year

  • Jaysus. That was better than most Star Wars trailers I’ve ever seen. Holy moly. Looking so good, SA team!

  • Muy Bueno

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