Solana Blockchain Worth the Hype? $SOL

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  • is this another video shitting on eth competitor?

  • This is the kind of video for which i subbed to this channel. Hearin firsthand from a blockhain developer

  • Solana is on World Economic Forum documents…Those "tradeoffs" are nothing to complain about, you're a smart developer please hack these blockchains before telling us technical "faults" which even you hackers can t manipulate . Hardware requirements "problem " are the same on Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. As a developer stop being a Maxi. Stop tech hate.

  • I invested 3k at 24$ 😀

  • Gregory, can you tell me if Eth requires Bitcoin or could it exist without Btc?

  • Spread your money among different assets categories like Bitcoin and stock, then further allocate those funds within each category

  • If not solana, another L1 blockchain will flip ethereum because of eth's ridiculously high gas fees.

  • Thank you so much for this video… I’m a huge solana fan but I was trying to understand how is the performance so good in comparison with the other layer 1 solutions

  • Algorand has done the best at resolving the trilemma

  • Did the rendering go wrong? Look at 5:30

  • Solana has heaps of NFT platforms joining solana. Wouldnt be surprised if it becomes the amazon of NFTs.

  • Solana is way faster, and solves ETH's huge gas fee problem. Solana as it sits now is more scaleable than ETH. You do have a good point about the validators, but more will come on. ETH can't support gaming and play to earn will bring huge adoption. This is why SOL will eventually trump ETH. The general population care less about ETH's decentralization comparing gas fees.

  • Dapp University – bro, you have fake accounts in your comments section spamming the hell out of the comments.

  • I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium dogecoin any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  • Gregory only likes ethereum lol

  • If you ever have transferred SOL. You get it. Holy crap it's fast and cheap!

  • Could you please talk about proof of history consensus model which Solana is using, which gives it the high throughput and how different it is be from proof of stake?

  • this is a great channel…but the thumbnails are a lil cringe … just go get a dead squid, we all know that works… 😉

  • Why didn't you talk about PoH from Solana compared with PoW of Ethereum?

  • I made some money, lost some money, reliazed crypto is a really bad place to invest in right now. Its needs to be regualted like the stock markets, its just pump and dump all day, everyday – with all the alt coins taking there turn, oh hype this hype that, there is better ways to exchange then crypto.

  • Eth shouldnt lose gaming

  • How do you think Elrond Network $EGLD or Harmony $ONE compare to ETH? Would be interesting in your opinion as a DEV

  • Ethereum spikes, then drops

  • IMO, level of decentralization is indeed going to be quite concerning for SOL, but perhaps only when it grows large enough. At the moment, I think it holds a great advantage of ultra-high tps and low gas-fee together with an actual working smart contract capability. Due to this, like you mentioned the next hot innovation such as metaverse gaming can be very likely to happen on Solana first since it seems to be the only viable option. The question is can SOL capture this gap before ETH2 fully rolls out, attract a big audience and maintain it thereafter. Btw any plans to talk about some storage chains? such as Filecoin vs Arweave?

  • Etherium don't need killers! It killing it self, they justify the fees with decentralization. It make no sense to have a blockchain that only serve the wealthy. Layer two optimism and arbitrum are yet fully available. The only retail investor can do is buy ant hold and forget doing defy on Etherium.

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