Shiba Inu – This Is The Next 1000X Shib Coin! (Prepare Now)

Shiba Inu – This Is The Next 1000X Shib Coin! (Prepare Now)
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RobinHood : Listing Update for Shiba Inu Coin! SHIB BURN CONFIRMED! SHIB to 1 Cent? SHIB News TOday!

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  • Like if you're bullish on Shiba Inu. Get exclusive access to our private crypto mentorship group, weekly coaching calls, and lifetime access to our top Altcoin picks training when you buy a 1st edition bull runner NFT here:

  • Please Accept my bid for NFT Offer, much thanks

  • I seem to have trouble getting on the places to buy these coins afraid of making one mistake and it being just gone and the cloud

  • I would just like to make enough to be able to help some people I don't care about monetary things that kind of bothers me when I see people hoarding millions and billions of dollars when there's people starving it's hard for me to Fathom that that goes on in this country I just want enough to survive and to be able to travel and help people that would be so awesome

  • But that's a good way to launcher and have cheese because most people's don't even make it or get anywhere only a tiny percentage does but since they've got this YouTube channel they'll be able to sell theirs

  • Lot easier to make money when you have enough to where you can lose three or four times but most of us don't have that kind of money if we lose once or twice we're done especially just losing everything after the pandemic

  • Man these guys are making some money off of this YouTube channel just saying about $35,000 just all for those and I've teased to get started and then they're going to have a bunch more so they're probably going to pull in the half-million-dollar most of us out here have already lost so much I took the wrong advice from YouTube people and lost so I've got just a little bit I'm trying to pull myself out with the coins I invested in for all the top altcoins and they've never even close to recovered yet and I was told to hold hold their going to go away up BNB is going to a thousand Litecoin going through a thousand call Heather coins and it never happened

  • Great content/ info, thx!

  • Overgrown is nice too

  • I locked my shib up by staking (3mos term) before the pump cause I didn't think it would pump I can't even sell to get my profit oh well.



  • I don't know much about shib coin, can you help me? where can i get it, i intend more than NFTs like the block monster and its mnstrs coin

    Last year in October 2020, Shiba was sitting on ten zeros 000000000076. This year in October, Shiba is sitting on only 4 zeros 000026. This has happened within a year. Do you need God to come down to tell you my daughter, my son invest in Shiba because you're about to become a millionaire? No, it's clear. Next year October by this time, the 4 zeros you see will be a thing of the past. If mathematics is needed in Shiba, why within a year 6 zeros have disappeared? If you don't become rich with Shiba, your ancestors will be laughing at you because they didn't have this opportunity.
    There's always Judas Iscariot in every good opportunity. Don't listen to negative comments from the enemies of progress. Thanks you. Long Live Shiba. Long Live us all.🙏

  • 777

  • love the rainbow chart! hope my mnstrs way have a good travel to the moon too

  • Mira, si me hubieses dicho hace 1 mes shiba inu hará x1000, te hubiese llamado loco. Ahora me lo creo de verdad. Y aunque fui escéptico, compré unos dólares y los mantuve, así que al final obtuve un beneficio. Eso por supuesto seguirá siendo así, hasta que ocurra lo de tu predicción.

    Mientras tanto, tengo parte de mi portfolio en otros tokens pequeños, tales como AUR o MNSTRS, muy prometedores

  • Hina inu 1000× Kuma inu partnership with Hina

  • Bitcoin is really incredible and it's growing so much i think now is the best time to invest in it.

  • 777 I bought 900 million Kuma inu Saturday and I think it’s one up 300% since then thanks a lot

  • Kuma is crushing it

  • And so be it, let Block Monsters enter the shelf as Shiba Inu and bring us astronomical values, 200 times, 500 times lol.

  • #kuma #shib #saitama 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • 777

  • 777

  • dogegf is burning some supply based on Twitter retweets. Expect a pump.

  • Hina Inu ($HINA) is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer deflationary community token that passively rewards its holders with a 2% tax redistribution for all transactions. hina inu and kuma inu in partnership check kuma inu tg pinned hina still 9 m marketcup wil 1000X


  • I bought ·shibainu at a decent price, but a small amunt and kept it no matter what and it was worth it. Keep hodl until we take it to the moon!! 777

  • Buy

  • Anyone had any luck adding Taikama to their wallet

  • In your opinion, by the end of 2021, the price of Shiba will reach this


  • Great enrichment

  • 777

  • Mark my word's Klee Kai #KLEE 🙌🤑


  • Sir, agree on Shiba Inu! So bullish! Just like how $MNSTRS is the future of NFT. Ride with us before the rocket takes off 😉👌

  • 777

  • 777 definitely feeling Blessed. So glad to be following you guys.

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