Shiba Inu Coin – THIS is How $0.01 Could Happen!

Today Shiba Inu coin took over Litecoin in overall market cap and is continuing to grow. Today let’s talk if $0.01 or $1 is possible for SHIB and also some KEY news that just came out about the Shiba Coin that indicates a HUGE coin burn opportunity!!

$SHIB Shibu Inu. ✋💎🤚

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Litecoin Price Prediction-GOING TO THE MOON-ANALYSIS

00:00 Shiba Inu beats Litecoin
02:00 Shiba Inu Coin News Today
05:23 How Shib Could Hit $0.01
08:26 How Shib Could Reach $1
10:35 What to Watch Shiba Inu News

Get started with 🐂 Webull App – get up to 2 free stocks AND invest in SHIB ►

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*Disclaimer: Bob is not a financial advisor. Please contact a professional financial advisor prior to making any decisions including cryptocurrency and Shiba Inu coin. Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies in which Bob Sharpe earns an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Bob Sharpe is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available.



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  • What are your thoughts on #SHIB ? Shibu Inu. ✋💎🤚
    Get started with 🐂 Webull App – get up to 2 free stocks AND invest in SHIB ►

  • I'll be happy with holding it until 0.10 cents. That'll jump start my Dividend portfolio even faster 😁 probably won't happen though. Doge was the one I needed to invest in and I didn't trust it

  • Nice job explaining Bob! Love your disclaimer and grounded analysis. I see big burns happening in order to "legitimize" shib further. Either through big burns from whales who can benefit in the 10's, 100's of millions or billions still once shib is in the 10 cents and up category or some conversion factor that removes tons of coins when converted to their other coins Leash and Bone. Either way its exciting times for early adopters and hopefully a blueprint for meme-coiners to become serious crypto contenders

  • Sounds cool but I'll opt out of buying SHIB. I'm not the gambling type.

  • My favorite cryptos are (SHIB) and (KUMA) we are in very exciting times right now!!

  • What application are you using to do those calculations? I'd definitely be interested in a video explaining how to set that up so I could do the math for other cryptos

  • You have a frame in the background that says "SUCCESS". I want to know whats written under the water please.

  • I like this coverage, your the man.

  • Kuma Inu is the next big one take a look at it. DYOR

  • any shib army here

  • Can we get to half a cent

  • Does every stock start at 0.00000001?

  • Put in 40 dollars now I have 1,379,688 coins does anyone thinks this is enough to build any wealth?

  • #Shiba inu

  • Interesting, I like how you broke it down.

  • Really looks to have a lot of potential for a lot of real life use! But I don't understand why everyone wants it to hit $0.01. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. Even an extra 0 off on it, is amazing, at the end of the the day its worth is its worth. Sure $.01 would make a lot of people beyond rich but 300% gain is already amazing.

  • You look more like Ben affleck, I like how your to the point….sub.

  • Litecoin has smart contracts, NFT's, and fungibility with MWEB upgrade in Q4.

    Don't get this twisted, marketcap doesn't reflect adoption, utility, or fundamentals. The pump and dump coins like Shib reflect dumb money that will flow to whales, which will then flow into real projects like Litecoin.

  • Execution is sloooooow!!!!

  • Thanks, Bob!!!

  • if many people stake shiba inu then the burn will cause that number to drop

  • Shiba

  • Yeah don’t believe this is hitting one cent anytime soon. They need to burn tokens end of story

  • well …you gotta be acepptical !!

  • Shib Army Strong!

  • make a video on why they can't just burn trillions instantly and how the circulating supply is even given a number to begin with think that'll help people understand it more

  • These are the facts and explanation I was looking for, great way of explaining with understandable descriptions. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • I purchased 9,000 dollars shiba

  • its gonna dump again

  • I’m happy if price reach 0.0008$

  • Great videos as always, Bob! Do you have a potential entry point IF you decide to buy more? I bought my initial lot at 0.00000678 and I’m thinking if it dips below 0.00002 I might consider buying more.

  • SHIB to the moon 🌙

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