Real Estate Tokenization. Real Estate On The Blockchain. Tokenized Property

What are the Blockchain use cases in real estate? How to own a piece of a building or a land today? The advantages of real estate tokenization in 2021. Everything you need to know, Arnaud Salomon, CEO, MtPelerin.

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Investing in Blockchain Technology: is it a good time or not?

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  • Propy is the way

  • Our company is offering a tokenized project, (XLT) in Dubai with 86% return at launch.

  • Access keys to a building are tokens, in effect.

  • $MSPC

  • I’m shocked how you didn’t mention the first movers in this field : SMARTLANDS

  • thanks for this video😊😊hoping for more satisfying video about NFTs, it is the new investment 😊 LABS will help a lot in the system about real estate

  • What's this real estate tocken stuff?

  • HMBL 🚀

  • What is the motivation of the asset holder to break his collected rent into tokens and distribute it ? Assets come with a management burden, you can't say there are 100 crypto owners which do fuckall when it comes to fixing the leaking roof of that property. Assets don't just appear and disappear. Suppose the construction company has built a house. Now it can decide to sell or rent, so back to question 1, what is the motivation for finding N number of crypto geeks instead of selling it to 1 entity. For the rent scenario, the company now needs to act as a landlord and take care of the property (repairs, appliances etc). It involves actually DOING things instead of OWNING things. Given somehow 100 crypto geeks purchased a house together, and there's actually somebody living there and paying rent. When something breaks in the house, eg appliance, roof, floor, who would be in charge of FIXING stuff arranging repairs etc?

  • Trading view shows that the price of bitcoin rallied 7.3% to the low rate of $35, 645 on a intraday hight at $38,250 and market top up or market breather.

  • Hi I'm new to forex trade and I have been making huge amount of losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it.can someone please tell me if what I'm doing wrong I really want to know

  • Thank you Sir. Very helpful. God Bless You from 🇮🇩 🇮🇩 💝

  • Oh look at this guy and a fancy backdrop this guy must know what he's talking about

  • Music is loud. Good video tho.

  • one you didnt mention is Smartlands (SLT)…amazing project trying to tokenize real estate in ukraine which is crypto-friendly..

  • As an architect, I'm fascinated by this concept.

  • So there is SLT, LABS…what else? which one is the most bullish?

  • I can't wait to get involved and tokenize my current Real Estate development !

  • Great Video, I am working with a real estate tokenization startup (built on ethereum) .
    I would love to get a chance to speak.

  • This is going to be awesome to be honest

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