Raoul Pal: Ethereum Price Prediction 2021 (May Update) Raoul Pal Ethereum Prediction | 200X UP

Raoul Pal: Ethereum Price Prediction 2021 (May Update) Raoul Pal Ethereum Prediction | 200X UP

Raoul Pal gives us an April update on his Ethereum Prediction , speaking on why Ethereum has continued to outperform Bitcoin since its inception and why due to the Lindy effect and Metcalfes law, it will continue doing so.

Don’t forget, Raoul Pal expects Ethereum to out-perform Bitcoin through the remainder of 2021, with a price target between $9,000 and $20,000 as its market cap can one day rival Bitcoin.

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Ethereum Price Prediction! Where is Ethereum Going Next??

In this video he predicts if the whole space is as disruptive as we think its going to be, it could all do a 200x from here. Insane. Stick around to the end of the video where we cover some recent on-chain Ethereum data that suggests that the Ethereum price could see $3000 dollars in the near future due to Metcalfes law.

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Ethereum Just Made History! WOW!

To watch the full interview with Raoul Pal (and subscribe!) check out the full interview here:

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