PLAY TO EARN How to make money online with NFT Gaming

Play to earn NFT gaming is growing at an amazing rate. We make these educational videos to help you better understand your options. We review games and let you know which one we like. It is a difficult space to stay current with as so much is happening and fast. You are very welcome to join our community and be part of the Hardforking world of play to earn.

Projects covered in the show.
Nine Chronicles.

Use these codes to register to play. Space are limited in this test role out and refresh every three hours.

VR gaming Revomon
Polychain Monsters
Hexarchia beta release G
Gaming on $Dot
Gaming on $Ada
Animoca brands new game Phantom Galaxy
Star Atlas update
Space Misfits
Bitcoin Birds
Blockchain Cuties
Vox collectibles

We are here to help and educate you on this space so please put any questions you have in the comments below and in our discord.

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Các Loại Game Crypto Dragon Mobile Thường Gặp NFT token

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Battery Overcharging Hellow Kitty !! Oh Cute !! So Cute !!

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  • Timestamps


    1:00 VR gaming Revomon

    3:50 Polychain Monsters

    4:40 Hexarchia beta release

    5:40 Gaming on $Dot

    7:15 Gaming on $Ada

    7:35 Animoca brands new game Phantom Galaxy

    8:20 Star Atlas update

    10:05 Space Misfits

    11:00 Are you a streamer get in touch we are hiring

    11:25 Axie update $axs $slp

    14:00 Nine Chronilces update

    15:20 Blockchain Cuties NFT prizes $BCUG

    17:00 Bitcoin birds

    17:40 VOX collectibles and Townstar

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  • Woah revemon and space atlast is amazing 🥰 that vr revomon game is very interesting it's like axie too but the graphics is soo lit 🔥 can't wait to see it in HardForking . Can't wait for axie update too. Thank you sir Sean ,Sir Jesse and Captain Gonzo for sharing this video for the community 🙏😊

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