NFT Portfolio… Profit REVEALED! (Week 2)

Let’s review my current NFT portfolio and exactly HOW MUCH PROFIT I made investing into these NFTs.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Forever Mamba by Boss Logic
2:28 Lost In Tokyo by 3LAU
3:50 Play by Renderfruit
4:38 Highway Cruise by Kidmograph
5:14 Slide by Peter Tarka
5:35 Tapes by Lushsux
6:09 ΥΠΟΛΗΨΗ by Billelis
6:29 Plastic Mag (Delorean) by Tom Yoo
7:18 Frog A + C by Jon Burgerman
7:47 Flamingos by Gavin Shapiro
8:17 Transient by Baeige
8:44 Somnium Rubrum Lefty Out Here
9:04 Eternal Zen by Andreas Wannerstedt
9:13 ΠΑΘΟΣ by Billelis
9:20 Bitcoin Angel by Trevor Jones
9:44 Hortensia Chair by Reisinger Andres
10:10 Lighthouse by Peter Tarka
10:52 Cats by Mad Dog Jones
11:23 Lavish by Baeige
11:45 Lotus Train by Mad Dog Jones
13:51 Outro

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Ist das Bitcoin SELL-OFF vorbei? VISA kauft CryptoPunk NFT! | Crypto News

Thank you guys so much for watching. Please like & subscribe to follow along my NFT journey. Love sharing my thoughts and ideas with yall. Going to be uploading more Nifty gateway content as well as dive into some VR / Games / Metaverse content as well.

Have a great day!! Love you all. NFTs for life. HODL CATS.

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  • That bitcoin angel looks very cool

  • These prices are bonkers!! Wow!

  • Wtf big money

  • Love your video's – waiting for *NFT Portfolio… Profit REVEALED! (Week 3)
    If it's coming up, tnx bro,

    love from Sweden

  • Your channel is great by the way!

  • I bought this after Beeple mention on his Instagram

  • Bro I hope you know this market will crash and unrealized profit IS NOT PROFIT.
    If you were here for the 2017 ico bubble you would know!

  • What is your main strategy to choose which NFTs to buy and which ones don't? For example, I won a Drawing of a NFT with 150 limited pieces but the price hasn't increased that much. Is there any way I can contact you for advice?

  • by unrealisez profit you mean no profit at all right? because fact is you have the money out nothing in from these aquisitions

  • In under half a year, one artist’s multi-edition NFT's have a footprint of 260 MWh, 160 tonnes of CO2 emissions. :-/


  • The questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to buy? before jumping into conclusion I think you should take a look at things first. For the past few days the price of BTC is dynamic which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going up or down while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. It all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals.. I would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 9BTC since late last year with my trading strategy of different auxiliary software which help me to win

    for more guidance +1 … 3 – .. 1 – .. 8 – .. 5 -… 6 -… 5- … 6 -… 6 -…. 5 -…. 6 • OR Ͳ …….ҽ……Ӏ…..ҽ…..ց…..ɾ..ą…ʍ…….. {DaveTrades71}

  • Does any1 have any Foundation invite?

  • Can you post a video of the artists you chose and what artists are good to follow to buy these NFTS


  • Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing bro!

  • How do you know which artists will go up in value?

  • any recomendstions for future nft art investments

  • Could you talk about Steve Aokis drop? Will the open editions go up in price?

  • great video

  • I could see these really taking off when VR fully takes off and people have virtual home spaces/galleries where they can show off their digital NFT art purchases.

  • Could someone please explain to me as why others cannot simply copy the NFTs, screen record the GIFs and make it their own for free? I'm trying to understand this NFT concept/system.

  • sounds like you're playing with fire – I hope it works out for you

  • What do you mean you have to burn to get another mad dog?

  • Outstanding content! Well done bud – looking forward to more!

  • How the artist of Forever Mamba get away from copywright claims?

  • HODL CATS is a way of life.

  • This space is so dumb lol

  • 9:13 ΠΑΘΟΣ means Passion in Greek

  • When did you first start buying? And do you only really use Nifty?

  • How you got 68k to spend on clipart online lol? parents money/stonks/crypto gains?

  • Awesome, Do you mostly buy from artists or do some secondary market from time to time?

  • When u put a bid in silent auction and don’t get the art, when they refund the money? Thanks for explanation

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