Today I want to talk about Cosmos [ATOM], Elrond [EGLD], and Avalanche [AVAX] and how they can grow just like Solana [SOL].

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0:00 Intro
1:07 Market Overview
3:04 Cardano Update
4:33 Cosmos Update
11:50 Avalanche Update
15:14 Elrond Update
22:33 IOTA Overview
27:45 Q&A

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  • Georgie!!! Fantom is also DAG tech.

  • What an idiot I remember George talking about Sol months ago. Actually a few channels including Banter. It's funny cause they didn't buy any either but they knew it was gone go up. But I don't think anyone knew how much it was gonna blast off. I picked it up at avg price of $96 and still did great

  • Hey George, Do you still believe BNB will surpass ETH?

  • Keep it going George. Love you for years. Thanks for being a great mentor.

  • I think alot of people bailed on Cardano in favor of SOLANA and Solana layer 2s
    To think I bailed on Cosmos at $13 back in May….a very powerful anti FUD lesson



  • Ha:) interesting !!
    TMobile just called me offering my business a new technology… IOT ? 🧐
    Remarkable 🙂

  • Luna

  • Which coin is the next solana?? I do not have time to watch the video!! Gotta go to work…

  • i'd love you to take a look at Kadena… imagine being actually decentralised via POW and can do 480k tx/s

  • CELR layer2

  • Great analysis of the trends of the market, especially L1. Show some love to Akash Network!

  • This is an up and coming nft collection representing a prolific new artist. a crypto revolution is upon us. This is the beginning of the collection that represents a mark in history that drives humanity forward.

  • DBA tokens is currently at its last month of pre-sale at a price of 0.64$ per token.
    Bag your tokens now before we go public on September 15 with each token being 1$.

  • Elrond 💪⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Thanks for the IOTA introduction, really love that based-on-solid-facts style!
    I've been looking forward to this moment quite some time…

  • DBA token remains the Best hurry now and grab some at 0.64$, going to be launched soon at $1. 🚀🚀🚀

  • Buy DBA now and be among early investors. Our project is LIT🔥, TIGHT 🤑and going to the moon🚀. Buy DBA now at $0.64

  • totally misses the BIGGEST platform hedera! ffs george wake up!

  • EGLD!!! Will be huge!

  • Buy DBA

  • polymarket ???

  • Man still hasnt talked about movr smh


  • Ada is garbage. And finnaly everyone will see that. Except for the biggest dum dums.

  • "And ofcourse let's talk about cardano"
    Yes George, yes

  • EGLD is what Ethereum 2.0 is supposed to be but better,almost 0 fees and only 21 million supply! If you feel like you missed eth then EGLD is your second chance at buying a true gem early.

  • I caught miota in 2017, still got some left. Honestly forgotten about them. I didn't realise how much it had been moving because it sits near the bottom of my portfolio.

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