My Thoughts on Argo Blockchain

A lot of people have been asking me to talk about Argo Blockchain. I am not going to go into a deep dive analyzing the company. Anyone invested in them has already done their own DD. I am going to try to give some perspective in terms of where this company stands with regards to its peers.

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  • Yea sold argo after that screwing of 30 something percent still with a profit. Bought 2 micros with the money, recovered my loss and then some. Thanks argo!!

  • Your analysis is correct, good times are coming for Argo,, they have a very well thought out process and a great team on board,
    this is a superb long play and yes the players know it.
    Keep up the great work and thanks again for making sence….

  • I bought Argo blockchain a few months ago when you mentioned it. I bought Arbkf. Did I bought the wrong argo block chain?

  • Thanks that was useful. I've held Argo shares for a long time now

  • Stuck with ARGO OTC and it doesn't move or it drops when bit coin goes up today… I just don't get it… Feel like Argo sold the bag. This is missed in research sometimes. I will hold the bag and see where it goes.

  • Thank you 🙏

  • can you look into hilium mining? thx

  • I holding over 400 shares in ARBKF…then they go public under a different ticker🤦🏾‍♂️ I feel like I got jerked.

  • excellent info!!

  • Holding it for a almost a year down 100k was hoping it will go up after listing on nasdaq but instead went down crazy arbkf but arbk is doing OK

  • Thanks for the pep talk 🙂

  • Can you do an update on RIOT Blockchain? they have been beaten down the past month and have not recovered nearly as much as MARA. I'm in at $37 on RIOT and wondering how long I need to HODL

  • HUT8 will be king. Love their management team and Chairman of the Board is best out there.

  • Hello Curtis, with the current share price of Mara and the price of BTC you need lets say 56000$ to buy one BTC. For this you get round about 1200-1300 stocks of mara. With their BTC holdings of 7000 and 100million shares outstanding you would own round about 0.1 BTC as your share of the company. The company would have to mine another 63000 BTC to bring you to the same amount of BTC per invested 56000$. In compensation for that you also own the miners as well afterwards. With the current trajectory of the market. They will mine lets say 1000-2000 BTC per month until the next halving happens. This means maximum 24000 per year but more realistic 12000. They would need to mine for 6-8 years (with the lower outcome after the halving taken into account) to get to the same amount of BTC per capital and this is not taking capital raises and share dillution for compensation and paying for energy into account. After 6-8 years their mining Equipment will be nearly worthless. Im heavily invested in Mara but when I see it this rational there is no reason for it vs buying BTC upfront. Am I having a calculation error here? Could you discuss this in a video pls?

  • <≤Thank you for your videos mate. I watch them and they are meaningful💥and love your content, most people don't understand the concept OF "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their price are down and selling off when the price rise. Holding is great, Trading is far more profitable. I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, The market is very unstable and you can not tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are trad! N without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 6.5BTC from 2.4 BTC in just August from implementing trades with tips and info from Troy Owen.

  • Thanks man. Im down 53% on my 6k.

  • Love to u champ REAL G

  • I always remember when u said wen companies get 100m to 200m raise its a good move

  • Hi, bro. What do you think about the SOS Limited – ?

  • Thank you. I appreciate it:)

  • Cheers appreciate that

  • Thx bro. Feel the same here.

  • ARBK is gonna run… it's a matter of time. Dilution is already priced in.

  • Thanks

  • Another good analysis. I hold Argo, Bitf, Hut, mara etc. But I have nearly half a million in underlying Btc and Eth for exactly the reason you pointed out. Less stress.

    My request that I believe your viewers want to see: a fundamental numbers analysis of Mara/Riot/hut/bitf at btc 100k and 200k. In other words, what Mkt Cap (thus share price) can we reasonably expect when btc reaches those levels. Not at 20x pe, but a conservative 5x pe.

    thanks bud. Good luck to you.

  • Peter Wall is a con artist.

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