Multiaccounting Explained! How does Sky Mavis know? || Axie Infinity

A comprehensive explanation about multiaccounting. Don’t get banned!

*The Terms of Service mentioned in the video was last update on July 17, 2021


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0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – What is Multiaccounting
2:04 – Multiaccounting on the TOS
2:37 – Playing on one account within a 24-hour period
3:45 – Don’t abuse the energy system
4:33 – Is it safe to use Axies after they are gifted to you right away?
5:23 – Multiaccounting Matrix Explained
6:21 – How do they know I am multiaccounting?
8:55 – Don’t believe minsinformation
9:38 – Conclusion and final words

Video more
Axie Infinity EP45 ลองนกใหม่ตัวละ ( 2หมื่น บาท )

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  • How can we report players with multiple accounts? ex. they're posting it in social media flexing that they're using two account.?

  • What if I'm already a scholar and already play the game then decided to Buy my own axie . . What should I do to log in and play my own new acc. And not get banned? Help me Sir thank you and God bless😘

  • Thanks for the video man! All your videos are awesome

  • thanks captain my questions are answered

  • Question, im giving my laptop to my sis. Its the same laptop i use to play my axie account. My sis also plays axie and has her own account.. Can she use the laptop to play her account? Whats the safe way for her to use my laptop to play her axie without getting banned? Thank you very much!

  • how about different account with different mobile data

  • nice thanks

  • Is it safe to play with 1 manager acount then multiple scholars with their own devices in the same house and wifi? Im planing to make my family my scholars

  • Thankyou brother for a good explanation

  • master how about

    3 axie account in 3 different computer is it bannable?

  • Hey sir can I ask something? For example, I'm a scholar of 2 different management, What if I cloned my Axie Infinity App? I play the 1st account in my original app, and the other account in the cloned app, is it ok? Or still bannable? Hope you notice

  • i have a question, is it bannable if i play my sisters axie acc on her cp for arena only, she will only play her adv becoz shes afraid hehe

  • Hi, what if i wipe the data on my devive and then i scan the new QR code for another account?

  • what if you play 2 different accounts in 2 different devices, each acc have their own device, will you still get ban?

  • So they can ban you and flag you for “similar playing styles” but they have to cut SLP earnings because too many bots exploiting adventure mode. Why not just focus more efforts on stopping bots then instead of being creepy stalkers and analysing people’s gameplay.

  • Great info! I have a question: If me and my friend buy six axies, then we create a subaccount to put three of them. So each has their own account and can play on their own device, right?. But what about if i want to test my friend's team in order to see if it is a best team for me? I mean, what about if we want to switch team? Can now i use and play his account in my device and can he play my account in his device? thanks

  • 2 accounts 2 gadgets both seperated,1 person to play is it ban?

  • Can i setup a scholar under my main ronin account?

    I have an extra android phone and planning to buy another team from my main ronin account and gift it to my Scholar account under my main ronin account.

    Send the QR CODE on my extra android phone and let my relative play it under the same Wifi connection at home?

    Can i get banned with this method?

    I mainly play my main account on my Laptop and Android phone Samsung s8.

    Laptop & Samsung s8 = main team/account
    Extra android Samsung s7 = Scholar account under my main ronin account?

    Connected to the same Wifi SSID at home.

  • What is the diffirence 2 account 2 device 2 player and the 2 account 2 device and 1 player in one house? They dont see if who is playing the account? What if we have to account 2 account and we dont same time play. They ban our account?

  • Let's say you play one account in your house and one account in your parents house….. Different device, different ip and different times that you play…….

  • Good morning sir/mam I'm her for axie scholarship.

  • what if I passed the account on other device (team 1) then I want to buy new team to play on previous device that I've used on team 1 is it bannable?

  • so it's okay to log in different account on 1 device by following the 24hr rule?

  • Hey guys help, im currently playing on my laptop, my laptop and cellphone have different time zones, is it okay if i put my axie acc on my phone?

  • if i gift my axies to my brother can he play with them???he has other account.but i has only three axies, i dont want to play anymore.thats why i gifted my axies to my bro.plz reply

  • The axie infinity android app actually has full access to your camera and can take pictures or record videos at any time, just go to the app settings click on axie infinity, click on permissions and click on the three dots on the top right and you'll see all permissions

  • subscribed now!!!|

  • I just bought a trezor now I just transfer all my axie to my new wallet and logged in using the new wallet. will I get banned with this?

  • What if I have to transfer to a new account because I connected to a trezor?

  • Will i get banned if i play my bf isko’s account on pvp only and i have my own account? We do have multiple devices.

  • what if i am a scholar and has multiple devices and i want to own my own axie team and play it in different times but the same day is that bannable?

  • Please explain. How they know.if the 1 player have 2 accounts and 2 device

  • how about. 1 person, 2 wallet, 2 account, 2 devices. and using scholarship method. Can detect also? 😅

  • One of the best explanations lots on info


  • question, my account A and device A, can i use another device using account A? i mean i have another phone can i play my account on that? android to android not android to pc?

  • I create a new account then I login it on my device that used to login my main acc. ( this new account dont even have axie).
    Will i get ban? please answer me

  • I think I'm kinda guilty about the 95% not subscribing.

  • If I have 6 axies and gifted 3 axies to my own scholar account, can I be banned if I played both with two different devices in the same wifi network but different timings? Can I have a clear answer for that? Thanks!

  • So the app crashed on me and I couldn't exit the adventure mode so I logged out intending to log back in but I accidentally logged in to my mum's account and instantly logged out, but in my panic I logged straight back into my one. I'm so nervous cos if my axies get banned thats so much money wasted. This video put my mind at ease a little but can someone tell me how likely it'll be that I'll get banned for this?

  • Subscribed!

  • how about if you have 2 accounts and 2 device?

  • Hi Sir. Ask ko lang po if safe bang itransfer ko ang previous Axie Team ko sa new Ronin Account then same device and same person pa din ang gagamitin sa paglalaro.

  • nice content very informative

  • so is it safe to have different axis account played on different devices (PC,Android) under 1 ISP (internet service provider)?

  • what if I was a scholar before (august 4) and used my pc then log out on that date after completing the daily quest, then got my own team now (august 25). Can I use it on the same pc?

  • How about tethering is it Ok ? Sometimes my partner will out of data and no other choice but to connect in my phone with axie, is it Ok?

    I'm currently using Android and my partner is using laptop.

  • Hi, I just want to ask, what if I played in my phone using my original account last night. Then I set up my trezor after playing last night, so now I have a new account to be logged-in in the game. Now this morning after reset I logged-in and played ONCE in arena. But then I realized the 24 hr rule and I'm scared that I might get banned.
    So I logged out right away after playing once.
    Do you think my account will get banned because I played 2 accounts in the same device with the same axies within the 24 hr perio? Please answer my query because I'm really scared now. There's much money involved coz I just started breeding and I haven't sold any team yet.

  • can i use a scholar's account for breeding and storage so he can play 40 energy? Would that be still considered energy manipulation?

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