Lucifer & Chloe │Tether Me (5A)

Hello ! Here is the final version of the edit that I posted on Twitter, hope you like it !

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  • Beautiful couple and beautiful song. Incredible!

  • This the best love song for Lucifer and Chloe ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

  • Can't wait for season 5 (B)🥺💕💕

  • 5b must come soon. We need them back and maze w eve.

  • Ma scène préférer c quand ils font du piano à 2 après la mort du père Franck et quand il dance ensemble quand lucifer a pus récupéré le lux

  • Ta repris la musique de l'épisode où ils passe la nuit ensemble c le meilleure moment et le meilleure couple de toute l'existance du monde 😍😍😍

  • Why is she upset he hasn’t told her I love you yet last season he told her that Eve wasn’t his first love it was her isn’t that close enough? There’s a reason why the devil can’t say it and I guess we’ll find out sooner or later but Chloe shouldn’t have doubts about something that she believes in so much

  • I wonder if Lauren and Tom have a hard time playing scenes when they kiss each other passionately because they are amazing friends off the set

  • what happened to Lauren German in the fifth season of Lucifer? she looks different, thinner. she is sick?

  • Eu amo essa série e amo mais ainda esse casal 😍Lúcifer e Chloe 😍, melhor casal de todos os tempos.
    Espero que na segunda parte da 5 temporada eles fiquem juntos com muitas cenas de beijos e noites de amor, pois só tiveram uma 😍😘

  • Delicious man !!

  • Wonderful man ! Maravilhoso !!!

  • Auch wenn du der Teufel wärst warsch ich dir eine und du mit den roten Gesicht vor mir stehen würdest ! Du hast auf meine Story nicht gewartet ich warsch dir eine und dann geh ich mit Tränen in den Augen weg von dir 🤬😭💔

  • Tom danke für's Herz brechen du Arsch !!! 🤬💔😭 Danke fast du nicht auf meine Story gewartet hast !!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Boa ich schwöre es dir wir werden wie Ehe Frau und Mann sein was streiten !!!!

  • he is not hansom like the big romantic stars like brad pitt and other hunks…his nose is large and hawkish and looks like he might have broken it once ..he has a slightly large chin and a five oclock shadow that will not quit..he also has a over bite . but he has great and expressive eyes and you put all the features togather and they just work . he is so appealing and he has a smile to warm your heart and draw you in..put that on a tall well formed bod and you have perfection…at least for me and many others..sigh but as we know his great love is his craft and he does it well..he is lucifer

  • annnnd he is headed south

  • ellis has such expressive eyes..also ever notice how many times he puts his hands in his pockets or adjusts his shirt cuffs…lol..god he is hot

  • I think he puts her against the wall so she is on a step, and at his height – much easier to kiss … and half way to bed! and I loved that he, gently, invites her!

  • Incredible Kooniia !
    Your friend " Thierry à la compta "

  • This song is so powerful I love that video. My favourite scene is by the wall so much passion and respect he asked her for permission and after when she looked into his eyes like looking into his soul I think that was the moment when both of them became one after watching her while sleeping and he was genuinely happy. And in the scene when he gets her back it's so genuine how much he loves her and care about her and on top of that get courage to tell her I love you. I think because of the prophecy.
    And that sex maniaik fall deply in love and want to be only with her and sleep only with 1women, I think that she is his desire

  • Esta escena me encanta la esperé mucho tiempo esta serie me apasiona como Lucifer 👿💘💋💜💥💘👿👄😘✨💙⚡😈💘💋💜👿💋💥⭐💥

  • 3:35 my favorite scene in the entire show

  • Incredible 🥰

  • damn this is … incredible 😏 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • This is so beautiful! Do you take requests?

  • I loved it when they grabbed hands going to the crime scene. Totally awesome.

  • How do these actors do all these 'incredible' scenes and not really fall in love 😭

  • Amazing <3

  • Just amazing…… 😍😍😍

  • The bond that these two share is unlike any other bond in a television series. When ever they get into arguements, they always come back to support one another. They always find a way to reheal their love for each other. They never want to hurt the other one. There is no forceful acts that they bring to their relationship, they love each other for who they are!! The way in which they become closer to one another from the beginning of their partnership in the LAPD, they care for each others happiness and will always look out for another. This is unlike any other show you could witness. If you see what they have for each other it's real and it's incredible ♥️

  • When does season 5(B) is out?

  • I loved that Lucifer asked permission when he held his hand out to Chloe

  • When he pushed her against the wall and they kiss it's like the battle of jawlines😍😍

  • This is amazing😍😍😍

  • 🖤❤

  • Oooooo foi lindo eles juntos 💞 melhor miniseria 😍

  • Can you do one deckerstar video in spanish?

  • Second

  • Joli

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