LitCraft Nysperience: Minecraft Meets Pokemon & Candy Crush, on the Blockchain | The Next Axie?

Hustlepedia is back today with what I believe to be the next Axie potential crypto gaming project and economy, and that is LitCraft Nysperience, where Minecraft meets Pokemon meets Candy Crush, where players can earn by battling their LitPets, building business on their land plots and more mini games. LitCraft Nysperience is currently in the beta stage, with a playable game out RIGHT NOW! The full launch is coming up very soon. And this game is very addictive, fun, and the play to earn economy is very efficient and rewarding for players, with no barrier to entry to enter the LitCraft world, as its free to start playing to earn. Along with the projects fun gameplay loops, the game provides additional passive revenue opportunities through the LitPets and land plots. The initial Genesis Sale for Epic LitPets and Epic Land Lots, which will never be minted again, is ongoing right now! These are unique in game NFT assets which are the highest level LitPets and Land that will ever be minted, level 7, which provide also the highest earning potential in the LitCraft universe. To top it all off, this project is building on upcoming Layer 1 blockchain Devvio, which processes 8 million transactions per second, and is led by CEO Tom Anderson, who has worked on AAA games such as Need for Speed, Mass Effect and also was the founder of Novint Technologies, which he sold the patent for, to Facebook.

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  • My man you are a 💎! You are showing me so many great projects early. Keep up the great work

  • One of the main ideas of the game(TTK) is to allow users to host, wager and monetize events… TTK IS REAL 👌

  • Dope

  • How about MONSTARRIOR? Have you ever heard about the game MONSTARRIOR?

  • Talk about HTR

  • The best gem that i have found so far is your channel… I decided to invest only in crypto gaming for the next years and found you. Keep up the good work man

  • Super video, stoked to get into a solid project early. Thanks 👍

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  • An amazing game that has the potential to challenge Axie in my opinion!

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Looks great. Do they make mention of when the launch sale will be?

  • Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. I'm checking into this one right now 😂

  • thats Lit, memes aside ill be getting into this i love gaming and crypto perfect way to combine the two

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