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Making money is the easy part. Keeping the money is the challenge. What’s your investing game plan for a bull market? In this video, I share with you what I do regularly to prepare me for more profits and to successfully keep those profits once I have made them.

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TOP 10 CRYPTO QUI VONT EXPLOSER ! 🚀 (très bientôt)

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Investitii in Criptomonede in 2021 pentru incepatori! Portofoliul Meu de Crypto!

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Jason Pizzino

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  • Good to see another Aussie

  • pretty accurate this time

  • Great video encouraging us to come up with a plan I have sell target for all my Alts, $mnstrs I don't know, do you know her? and from nft Blokmonster

  • hope you can do an analysis for mnstrs Jason now it's in the dip

  • Really happy I listen to my sister when she said I should deal with on YouTube when I did and I got 0.2BTC from them

  • Thoughts on what will happen to polkadot

  • i've prepared also financially buy creating usdt reserve to rebuy dumps i'll gonna run into

  • What would you buy this week …?

  • I'm curious where it will stop <3 I think in the near future I can be very happy about my btc and $mnstrs profits 🙂

  • I watch ALL your videos. Fantastic content.. I don't think you need such clickbait titles with things like "LAST CHANCE!" though.. Your content speaks for itself and is among the best on youtube.

  • Baby doge

  • hi jason, re your last video. should i keep my alt coins while bitcoin is going up and the rest are not. or just leave them and let them drop a bit? thinkin i should put everything into bitcoin just now but want to run it by someone if anyone can offer some advice. its looking like the alt coins are not taking off…. should i be concerned?

  • What I remember from about a month ago or 2 from you , you said the market was going to stay down for at least 6 months because of the history and the white bars . Why is it to hard to admit you were wrong and say I though this was happening but history didn’t repeat. I moved on to different people because you were very wrong about your candles that you only understand and you didn’t care to say sorry to your audience. If I would listen to you I would of lost a lot in gains. I’m sure a lot of people saw your video and panic sold everything.

  • Jason you forgot the HEX coin… 🙈

  • You mentally prepare by making absolutely ridiculous click bait videos?

  • I feel like deviating from my strategy and putting in even more money at this ridiculous price point as I feel like it's definitely going to 150k.

  • My advice..
    Buy Bitcoin now it's still affordable, it's about to go sky-high 💯💯

  • I feel like stopping work for the next 3 months just to sit at home, watch crypto videos and stare at the charts. Got so much money staked in this, I can't lose my money and wait years. Need to get some profit out NOW.

  • Crypto is gradually taking over, glad I joined the band wagon now I make between $5,000 – $10,000 every fortnight.

  • This is very interesting, but man it is difficult to choose strategy.
    I have no trading experience, started with 17kusd in mid March and have 71k to play around with now.

    I will try and stick to my plan and sell 10% at next btc ath and continue to sell every 10k btc rises .

    However , very difficult.

  • Im in the crypto space for about a year now and what ive learned from those past month is that you need a strategie. Ive learn the hard way that without any kind of plan it just gamble and you can lose a ton of money. Invest what you can afford to lose and take profit when you are able to. This game is about patience not about rushing. Stat safe yall !

  • £30,000 was sent to me through the transfer they I received from

  • Interesting analysis with a good plan. Nice!

  • i am mentally and emotionally ready for what's coming.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all my altcoins moon on atomic wallet

  • it depends what you have on the line. if you have all your worth in crypto you can't hope to make a sensible decision. you're gonna have so many price alerts etc you'll never sleep. the slightest bad news will give you conniptions. best advice is take gains when it makes sense and buy in on the dips but don't worry if you miss it by a few percent here and there.

  • XRP thoughts 💭?

  • Have you got your own patreon link Jase or is it tiacrypto one you recommend, cheers mate?

  • Interesting at 4:53 when you point out the run up beginning Dec 6 (right after bull moon) and peaking on the 16th (two days after bear moon). We are ruled by the moon time and again! Great work.

  • Good advice Jason. Appreciated mate, thank you!!!

  • Thanks for keeping us locked in !! ❤ Let the fomo begin folks! 110 k bitcoin by December

    always appreciate the realness of your content you are pointing people in the right direction.! I appreciate that Martha gives her honest opinion of where she thinks B.T.C is going and gives warnings when it is reversing direction. She alerts her lnvestors in real time when she sees the trend changing and it's great that her advice don't tell all the hoddlers what they want to hear. I increased my portfolio to over 8 B.T.C in a month from implementing trades with tips and info from veteran trader Martha W Speidel.

  • I'm most worried about not taking profits, that seems like a much likelier mistake (for me) than selling at the bottom, or FOMOing in right at the top. I feel like if I try taking profits I'd be the guy in 2017 who sold at 10k in early Dec. But maybe that wouldn't be so bad? On the other hand I'm afraid of being the guy who was holding out for 30k and got rekt all the way back to 4k.

  • If youre taking out your capital at 2x in Aus within 12 months you're losing a bunch to CGTso not better to HODL?

  • Yes, finally no deer-in-the-headlight-thumbnail! Always great content though 🙂

  • I like these short updates with substantial info and backing up the reason for the moves.

  • Hi Jason great video as usual. Mate do yourself a favor, get rip of that little teenager beard 🙂 I usually play very safe. I know a lot of people who try to play with the fire and become millionaires over night. However I operate in multiple phases….phase 1 try to double and secure initial investment….anything after that we can worry about when the time is right one way or the other. if I can make additional gain and the coin keeps pumping, monitor the coin keeps pumping stick to your sell targets and pre set your sell orders on the exchange. That way you take more profits on the way up. I usually flip my profits straight into BTC no matter what the price as I believe BTC is the over all goal and way to go. So in other words, I am taking profits out of alts and push those into BTC and make interest on BTC in the meantime. If things are getting really bad based on the dollar value, of course you can flip BTC into USDC, but I am not a big believer in that based on the supply shortage of BTC in the long run. Hope this makes sense.

  • I'm new from May and haven't seen a bullmarket in person. Trying to come up with a plan when to take profits based on how previous tops behaved (volume, BTC dominance, RSI etc). Will probably take 50% profit quite early and take more risk with other half.

  • It's not only Reddit and the like where people are overlaying similar previous trends, you'll also have seen it on most of the top crypto YouTubers channels. They're mostly perpetually bullish as well, which I can understand as they just want views but I'd prefer your more honest take on the market, Jason. Great video, cheers.

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