Is Litecoin Better Than Ethereum? (Top Altcoins Go To Battle)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing the latest crypto news, events, and updates. We’ll talk about your favorite crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Altcoin Daily, Arcane Bear, Tom Crown, and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

Today we are discussing Litecoin’s shocking numbers! Also, the US has been on top of the mining game. Will this continue? Finally, Coinbase enters the NFT market. Will a Coinbase NFT marketplace change the game? This is VERY bullish!

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Stehen diese ALTCOINS vor einer Explosion? 💥

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Tom Crown:

Altcoin Daily:

Arcane Bear:

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  • 🤘😎👍

  • Lol I'm holding my litecoin till it hits 5k

  • Best coin

  • Litecoin under performed against bitcoin…not sold on it

  • USA! should lead the world market! Not China! YESS US YESS US!

  • How much energy is burned on mining gold?
    Compared with btc?

  • Here I am prying on v chain

  • What almost everyone is missing is that LTC washed its hands clean along time ago. The regulators like that and need that for there approval to let the big boys the institutions come in and play!

  • LTC is so cheap for transactions somehow, quite convinient
    Is there a legit cloud miner out there tho guys !? :/

  • You guys forget LTC has been around almost as long as BTC and it was supposed to be the silver to BTC’s gold so now more people are getting into Crypto they might be noticing it more then ETH.

  • Crosspad 🚀

  • XVG

  • If coinbase launches NFTs, is having custody or not having custody matter?

  • Brandon uses Litecoin….Let's go Brandon!

  • NFT = tulip 🌷. How these people beside tom don't see it is just telling. And again how this grp beside tom, don't see the undervalued proposition of LTC.

    There are Chinese sentiment that they are waiting on accessibility of Litecoin mweb during their crackdown, without going deep into monero.

    The host is terrible. 🤦‍♂️

  • I've used ltc to transfer money between exchanges because of low fees

  • I sold my BTC and ETH for Litecoin.
    It's extremely undervalued and has a lot of catching up to do.

  • Litecoin is trash

  • Have you guys join Fandoms? What is it?

  • Have you guys join Fandoms? What is it?

  • The next big cryptocurrency wave is probably going to be Shiba Inu.

  • Hahahah 😂 arcanebear is the protagonist of Fern Gully!😂😂😂
    I farted that was so funny

  • ETH is way to expensive to transfer, ETH has a short future, people will not stand for the high fees, it cost $40.00 to send $100.00 in ETH…LOL

  • Did Altcpin Daily just say DOGE is better than LTC? And this idiot has had a YouTube channel for 4 years… LOL. 51% of LTC is held by big financial firms and investors. LTC has a huge future.Oh, and Altcoin Daily has ALWAYS hated LTC, for years and years.

  • tom crown is cryptoface… or they live in the same house 😉

  • 1. I’ve been on CB since 2018 so I’m not a noob 😂 2. I could care less about owning an NFT,. Just make money!

  • LTC is a sleeping giant for me.
    So undervalued.

  • Ltc to the mooooon!!!

  • deezy is a litecoin hater. cant expect anything different from a dude with btc in his name. smh

  • I only trade NFT’s on cardano. They will be big as well. No ridiculous gas fees taking away from ur profit !

  • I am bullish on LTC

  • What is that number on the right side???

  • Lmao how do these guys that supposedly live and breath crypto not respect LTC. This is just the new wave of uninformed news anchors that don't actually understand what they talk about. Shame.

  • How is this even a comparison?

  • Listen to Gene! The general public including many here still are clueless with much of the terminology you use. I read and read and still some of this I just don’t get it. Meta mask huh?

  • I stumbled on Ben’s Enjin video from July 3, 2020.. 11/10

  • Every time I tell my dad about a crypto to look at he says "Is it on Coinbase? I don't want to mess with it if it's not". He just gives me the money to get it for him if it's something he wants that's not on CB. I guarantee though when CB launches NFT's that he's going to call me at some point and say "What's an NFT, I just bought one are they good?"…lmao

  • Litecoin is one of the most used crypto’s for transactions/payments. Also one of the most liquid. (More Litecoin ATM’s than Ethereum, for example). It makes sense

  • Ethereum to 4000 this weekend

  • Litecoin has smart contracts and NFTs now, not to mention MWEB upgrade coming in Q4.

    Litecoin’s 10 year anniversary is today. Celebrating 10 years and 100% uptime!

    Litecoin isn’t going anywhere and will probably takeover after it is upgraded with MimbleWimble

  • Love this line up👍for the show +1 Tom crown 🤴🏻👑

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