Is Axie Infinity A Pyramid Scheme? Ft. OnChainGaming

Hello and welcome to Is Axie Infinity A Pyramid Scheme? Ft. OnChainGaming

In this video we review an Axie Infinity video from OnChainGaming to see whether or not he thinks Axie Infinity is a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme. Lets see what he has to say. – Follow all my socials for updates!



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  • It is definitely a Ponzi not a pyramid

  • Cannot believe all the detractors

  • very good point

  • I need to correct a major point you made . You said in Axie Infinity is similar to other schemes like MLM where we recruit others to join . That is wrong . We DO NOT RECRUIT others to Join in order to make money . I got my friend into AXIE and I did not get anything out of it ..He got his own axies and I did not make any money from him ,,,NOW it would be nice if I got a residual income from his play and maybe AXIE could get into the MLM to grow faster.

  • In MLMs, they sell products which have real life value but are overpriced. If the MLM stops, the investor can use the products that he bought because those products have a real life use. That's why MLMs are legitimate.
    However in Axie, the product that they sell (NFT) have no real value. It's only the earning mechanism which make it looks valuable. When Axie is over, the products that the investors bought will have no real life use. When the game is over, no one will have interest in buying your nft's because there's no more earning mechanism. Thus, it will almost have no value except your memories in the game. I think Axie is somewhat a combination of pyramid and a ponzi scheme.

  • I don't know why people associate the need for growth to pyramid scheme. There are other boxes that need to be checked before you can call something a pyramid scheme. Any game/company/idea that doesn't grow eventually dies.

  • In order for "pyramid scheme" to continue, it needs "pure consumers" who purchase their product without any interest in earning. In order for Axie to sustain long term, it needs to provide some type of service/goods that appeal to general public to consume/purchase without any monetary incentive/compensation.

  • That was just wasting time for us to watch. you've been delivering good content but not this time. attacking people for any mistakes they have done and at the end you just say nothing personal? are you serious lol? you got videos with lot of mistakes and you admitted that lately about investing in axie and you've been attacking top management in axie. now suddenly they became NICE ? if you got something for axie bring it otherwise, silence is NICE as well.

  • ponzi

  • Axie is still barely out of its diapers in terms of popularity. The only country that adopted it is Philippines, imagine if it gets popular in other huge developing countries like India… the game would literally explode and it can still benefit immensely from the pyramid aspect before they implement self-sustaining mechanics… I think that's the whole point anyway. Regardless, you are right… there is a huge difference between a Pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme and Axie infinity is none of them like u say at the end of the video… because pyramid schemes offer the opportunity for the investor to make more money by bringing more people in … axie doesn't do that, it's not built up like a scam, just as an opportunity to play and earn… there are no guarantees.

  • Axie Infinity is a ponzi scheme since there are no products or in-game resources sold that can generate income to pay or give value to the SLP. Its value comes from new investors (bought from MP, game cut 4.25 % minus operating cost, etc.) It targets 3rd world countries and operates and receives investments without having the proper licenses.

  • Thanks for an Honest review about axie.. 😘😘😘😘

  • completely agree, but in the end it's t say there's nothing really revolutionary about axie but its format. It not being sustainable cannot be a new model for the future of gaming. Maybe a very rough draft?

  • i like how you're not afraid to make YouTube enemies

  • Lol why delete your other video about a similar topic? It was on your 1 week tirade against axies devs..
    edit: you changed the title, and thumbnail haha

  • Hi, are you in need of a video editor?

  • Slp why is it going down again??? Before I joined it used to be double to what it is now. Very dissapointing

  • I stopped watching onchaingaming a long time ago. Guy just seems too jumpy and awkward to watch.

  • Oh, come on. How much the developers paid you? It's obviously a Ponzi scheme on a different level. It does not even have any permit to operate in many countries. If the owner decided to end the game, all of the players have no power to get their investments.

  • My man's name is JAKE

  • Hi sir gd evs

  • Capitalism is a piramid scheme

  • you dig deeper in axieinfinity sir! Thanks, for every informations. 🙂

  • Here in the Philippines a lawyer in his channel insist that axie infinity is a scam and very happy when SLP goes down..

  • Well analyzed and evaluated. Thanks for the clarification sir. See you too on your next video!, Peace✌️

  • True facts and I like your nails

  • Alright!!!

  • thank you for your video sir it's so nice

  • Well, that's how games work. The only difference is that on NFTs we are 'share holders', so we lose our investment when the game starts to die.

  • This month is really very critical about Axie Infinity as people are not getting clear vision that where is graph going will it servive or something else will happened in near future. Honestly no one have any idea what is really going on with Axie Infinity. Hope you will keep digging and try to find some core news to understand Axie Infinity and try to share amongst community members.🙏🙏😄

  • Change your name back to axie king

  • You are such a moron. If everybody stopped buying apple's shares, and the market had oversupply, won't the share price come down? So is the apple share a Ponzi scheme too? But that won't happen as Apple's shares provide real life value in terms of the products that they build. Similarly, axies are in game characters on the blockchain that provide a real life value. How is Axie Infinity a pyramid scheme? A key aspect of pyramid scheme is recruiting new people, and profiting off of them, how does Axie have that?

  • Cat reveal wen?

  • Thanks for clarifying it out CK.

  • congrats on 12k subs keep grinding!!

  • Your subcribers are all filipino.. proud filipino here.. nice content

  • Bro I really feel like they have bots selling off the top of slp to keep it going down! Taking consistent profits! Oh and whoever says slp is directly effected by axie is crazy! Axie been booming for like 5 to 6 months and slp been traveling in opposite direction! Probably the DEVS!

  • Ahh my request in ur reaction video is good boss haha .. i tell you reacting with the video is good..

  • Thanks it's a very nice vedio

  • im understand now

  • I love how you upload twice a day just in time i'm searching for video to watch

  • kinda confuse when he explains both ponzi and pyramid 🙂

  • Hello sir good evening

  • Hi sir good evening. I download your video sir. So that I can watch it again. And understand well. Thank you so much sir for making this video. It's really can help me to understand. Not only me to everyone who didnt understand. Thank you so much.

  • I loved it how you react and provide honest review. Axie to the moon. Thanks !

  • 3rd ahahah

  • Hello have a nice day 😇

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