IOTA – Cardano – Ethereum? 2018 Blockchain and Tangle Ledger Updates

Over the recent weeks we have seen Cardano and IOTA surge in price as Ethereum has slowed down its run, making room for some new high cap projects. In this video we review the IOTA project and Cardano projects possible price action moving into 2018.

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  • Thank you! I asked for comparison videos and you guys delivered. More please, x

  • TRON just went total Cardano/Ripple like…

  • IOTA is so innovative man wow…

  • the faster market capital up from 0 to 12 bilion
    for just 80 day!!!!!!!!

    yes this is ADA

    bitcoin need 6 year
    Erthereum need 2 year

    more focus bitcoin price?
    more focus your profit going up.???

    smart new trader not buy bitcoin

    smart new trader buy more quantity token


    to get more quantity token
    target hold 1 year
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  • You forgot the main disruptive player EOS! 1M TPS!

  • Too many conclusions being reached without proper arguments.

  • IOTA and Cardano are going to get bigger in 2018.

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  • Love you men

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  • IOTA will always be free because there are no miners. Big companies already using your data without paying you anything (IOTA is making it easy to make money by selling data and make the world better place, do more research). IOTA is still cheap ( look at the tech and its MC) .

  • Nice video, i think the same, take a look my video All abaut IOTA he will be 100$

  • Cardano moving on up!

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  • ADA ist the ultra coin

  • Hey mate, thanks for the video. Have you looked at Modum? It's currently mooning and honestly one of the most undervalued cryptos in the space. Real world applicability with big pharma!

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  • Cardano will be king.

  • you mention microsoft signing with iota, they just release an article today saying they only participated. What are your thoughts?

  • I'm really new to crypto currency.. so like if I invest say 20 bucks on iota, keep and hold the coins long enough, even if there is a dip, will I gain a profit? and also is crypto currency almost like stocks

  • Jeff, I have been involved since May this year. I have watched and followed many channels. I came across your channel about a week ago. You are my favorite. Love your practical approach and truly value all your content. Please keep it coming and please keep being yourself. I see 100k subscribers in the near future. I plug your channel all the time. Thanks man!

  • EOS blows Cardano out of the water. IOTA is the single most valuable Crypto on the planet. In 2-3 years, people will be kicking themselves for not buying IOTA on the cheap.

  • IOTA wont last next year

  • Cardano ADA is by far the best crypto project and team in the space period….. if u dont agree.. you really dont understand the
    cardano project..

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  • BUY EOS, DUMP CARDANO, they are a bunch of academics. Dan Larimer is the man

  • WHY IS NO ONE LOOKING AT XBY this is the ultimate ETH KILLER! or Eos Or Iota hmm and maybe cardano lmao. On a serious note.If your going through rough times like my current situation and don't have much due to much to put in(mines divorce) the best coins to get in this december for 250$ and see big returns the picks are XLM, SNT, DNT, MANA, ETN, FUEL, XBY, ADA, FUNFAIR, QuantStamp Med Risk $250= ARBIT, JET, SONM $500-1000= SUB, XEM, EOS, IOTA, Vertcoin, OMG, CNX, ETN(also runs on electron network), XLM, XEM(yes last 3 makes both lists) PoorMansCryptoPicks.

  • I love the Cardano project but in my honest and most blunt opinion (no offense) you don't do it justice by explaining why its going to be good. A lot of what you talk about in this video is just your speculation but if you can back it by some facts from the projects' website and or social media posts, I think I would've enjoyed the video a little more. Just giving some constructive criticism here. Not insulting you at all!

  • Can u buy Cardano with bitcoin?

  • You can buy IOTA on Binance
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  • We should look at the tech, future and business owner point of view for the usage of crypto. Almost all icos which is the up and coming future of fundraising and tech in the world as a whole. Most icos are based on etherium so it is actually worth something, starups want it. Second say iota even a better platform but are businesses which are just excepting and using blockchain going to suddenly realize wait tangle wow lets do that No! Company Ceos are old school they go with main stream way of doing things so the blockchain is providing useful they aren't big risk takers so dumping investment into iota is not going to happen atleast not yet ahead of its time. Even the most advanced Ai is using the block such as Hansen robotics. You know sophia first robot citizen! Argument maybe Microsoft knows something but l believe they are just going to intergrate the tech into there own system of doing things. Bitcoin is Dead now Cme group is involved it will be regulated and taxed which is fundemently what bitcoin is Not suppose to be. I hope everybody gets rich off crypto just be careful thats all l'm saying✌

  • I have 1,012 IOTA. Should I sale those and buy Cardano at .11? If Cardano gets up to $2 then I'd make a lot more but idk?

  • Check XTRABYTES. I believe it's the MOST underrated crypto atm. Its completely different than any other crypto, capable of hosting ICO's, secure decentralised data storage, extremely flexible allowing drag and drop Dapps in all popular programming languages and many more things. They are planning on expanding to major exhanges once they are ready to release their source code. I believe this could be the next NEO.

  • Tangle is a DAG and there are other DAG coins now. I think you'd like ICON's Loopring coming out soon


  • Ada, solves all bitcoin issues and will solve the upcoming scale ability issues. Ada is the one coin to rule them all which everyone that goes thru the Cardano and IOHK web page will know this. The future of crypto is Ada what role Iota will play will be seen. Do the reserch and know so you too can be sure. Also the mining of Ada will be mostly POS with minor setup which is why I will only add to my Ada for the exponential gains with mining.

  • mine your own crypto coins

  • I hope crypto kitties just showed the world that ethereum has really really bad limitations

  • IOTA's market cap will go up 10 times in 2018

  • The are two new kids on the block and very high tech, i believe they will pay my tickets to Mars

  • iota has signed a deal with Microsoft.  this will be $10 by 2018.

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