Inside the Indian Dilemma: Blockchain vs Crypto

Ran Neuner : With all the FUD around Crypto in India we decided to fly in and take a look.

I was blown away. Incredible India in every aspect.

We meet the investor community, the exchange owners, the hottest projects and even the ministers.



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  • Really appreciate such quality content.

  • So much talent coming out of India

  • Nice channel guys!

  • Come India government

  • Sidharth Sogani – current head of the crypto and blockchain-focused company Crebaco Global Inc – predicted that should digital currencies are prohibited in the nation, India will suffer roughly $12.9 billion worth of financial damage. Updated following The Crypto Sight – Crypto Insight for more Crypto News

  • Our fm is stupid!!!

  • proud moment of every indian….

  • Localcoinswap (LCS) is launching end of August, probably the best decentralized exchange out there as there is just 1% fee on seller's side which goes into the dividend pool and gets distributed back to LCS hodlers, just easy email for sign up, 20 fiat currencies including Indian Rupee, 20 tokens, pay any method

  • Ran, thank you for everything you do in the crypto space. Please ignore any negative comments you receive and continue to do what you do. There are plenty of donkeys on the loose in this space but let that not take anything away from the possibilities this space offers.

  • Thank you again !

  • Great show sir.

  • There's a reason why India is still a 3rd world country. It's called corruption, and the government & RSI are scared shitless about blockchain interfering with their top down corruption. Until the people demand it with their votes (if that's not rigged) nothing will change.

  • I wish CNBC Crypto Trader was on Dtube! I want to support you guys with my Steem Power!

  • You look like an Indian..

  • Not the best episode…. these ICO's sound like bullshit…. and then there was Ian Balina 🙂

  • Well ,the augur dude was right.

  • This is extra ordinary content. Kudos to you CNBC Crypto Trader. Righ to the point! I really like it. Maybe someday you create a short clip about privacy-oriented coins like Monero, DeepOnion and Dash. I am really got into privacy coins now. Looking forward to your next video.

  • 98-99% of crypto is pure junk and once the greater fool theory trade momentum died the road to zero was the only destiny for 98-99% of coins.

  • Was that tacky music necessary?

  • Governments are afraid! Clearly. They may try to bring crypto down

  • Zebi , NCASH business doesn't even need a cryto token to operate. They wanted funding so they put blockchain on their service even though its of no use. The use case of blockchain will be bitcoin ( Store of value and quick transfer of money ) , And smart contracts will be used in many places so platforms like ETH , TEZOS , EOS are useful.
    But NCASH , ZEBI are just hyped up with no use case in blockchain world unless they find something useful.

  • Welcome to india great content.

  • Where is sparkster. They were there to get money and after raising money they are vanished ?

  • ::: 0x9D94433c444b4510998b6A59A769137Eb9AD4F83

  • Acche din aane wale hai eddy bhai.just wait and watch.

  • Hopefully India Wll Regulate Crypto Soon 🚀 🚀

  • Superb coverage!
    Greetings from Mumbai 🙂

  • Hahhah bosti India

  • Crypto india

  • Inidian projects are sinking like crazy Zebi nuckeus vision what the hell lol

  • If only, youtube had a feature to mute the background score…..

  • abhishek pitti nucleus questionable partnerships??? so very cloudy project … can't trust

  • nice vid, great info on whats happenin in india

  • Another fantastic video! Man i really look forward to your videos. Thanks for all the great work and keep it up!

  • Blockchain = cryptocurrency! Why is it so hard for corporations and government to comprehend this.

  • Israel controls India

  • Israel controls crypto

  • Yeah will be the Blockchain hub….. And nice show crypto trader

  • India is pro blockchain? How? They are doing everything to stop people from buying crypto currencies.

  • Yes thanks for covering about India

  • Make Cryptocurrencies legal in India.

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