How to place a Stop Limit order on WazirX? | WazirX Tutorials

What is a Stop Limit order?
How to place a Stop Limit order on WazirX?
How to minimize loss & grab a buying opportunity using a Stop Limit order?

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  • Can please tell about limit price?

  • Please make proper video to understand,so new guys can use wazirx platform…..waste video

  • I could not understand what it means. Video does not explains this clearly.

  • STOP limit and limit are the same i think. I did not find any video which gives the exact difference. In limit itself we can give the desired price then it sets for a bid and the same I have been doing. Did not find if STOP limit is something which can't be achieved by limit.

  • Thanks you mam 🙏🙏🙏💞💞❤️❤️💖💖💖🤠🤠🤓🤓😀😀

  • Very bad explanation given.

  • U r wrong..
    U r explaining opposite ☺️

    U need to learn more

  • I don't think she is correct according to the documentation provide by wazirx on website. Or I am too stupid…

  • Kaam hi nahi karti .. yeh kitna sara paisa barbad ho gaya .. sleep mein nahi behen khuli akhon ke samne stop limit pe na buy hoti naa sell hoti hein

    Yeh bugs thik karo baki sab pata hein .. kitna paisa barbad ho gaya .. sala stop limit mein sell hota hi nHi hein

  • It is very confusing. You should use realtime crypto whichever you use as an example.

  • It’s not working in INR PAIR . We can’t set below market price in stop limit order please fix the issue , and in IOS APP the chart also not in live conditions

  • we need OC

  • The narrator is a trainee put on a go-live cut-over on day one

  • Can we start intraday with just 100 rs in crypto… Plz someone ans me about this I'm beginner in crypto

  • This video is WRONG..

  • Mai bay karte samay 2% minans me lagaya lagaya stop limit bye ho gaya but market niche chala gaya our mera loses ho raha hai

    Koi mujhe samjhayega kya karu.
    Please help me anyone

  • Looks like the job of making the video was outsourced to a family member who goofed it up.

    So first lets look at using stop limit to Buy.
    When buying stop Price should always be less and limit price more. This is called the pump finder.
    Say I have this gut feeling that VET will pump. Its in a waves between Rs 5.5 and Rs 6.5. But if it breaks out of this wave I know its doing to pump. Im only interested in buying. If the price goes past 7.25
    So I place an order like this.
    Which means.
    Stop Price Rs 7 (The Price at which my order will get placed into the system.).
    At Price 7.25 (The price of my order).
    Now as long as the waves are playing in their range. Nothing happens. But as soon as the price breaks out of its range and hits Rs 7. My order to buy at 7.25 is placed.
    This is why I call this the pump finder.
    I find this stupid. Because I already know the range. So why should I just not put a normal. Order for 7.25. The only reason is if your a huge whale and you want to hide your order till the last moment.
    What Happens if I use a larger number in the first box. and a smaller one in the 2nd box.
    So say I reverse it.
    Stop price 7.25
    AT Price 7. (Like her example).
    So here my buy order will be placed when the price hits 7.25
    For a value of Rs 7
    So now the order is placed at 7.25 for Rs 7. So now the order will only be executed if the price first goes past 7.25 and then it has to fall down to 7. Which is not much help if your looking for a pump finder.
    Next what if I put the same value in both boxes.
    i.e. both are Rs 7.25
    Then your order is placed in the books when it hits 7.25 for 7.25 but 99.9% of the time the price would have shot past 7.25 and is much higher so your order does not get executed.
    Next for Stop Loss.For Sell Orders.

  • i ordered Buy SHIB more than actual market price by mistake ….and got executed…how??? i was trying to place buy order for PUSH@108 ……..quantity 44….but by mistake i pressed BUY SHIBA and got executed…..AND I GOT 44 SHIB@108 for INR 4752 (total loss)….Actual price for 44SHIB was 0.2 PAISA…Refund please…

  • Please make video in hindi


  • Dear WazirX..this turorial is not clear at all for beginner.
    Stop limit can be set for Stop loss sell, or limit sell with a specific profit.

    There is nothing clear explanation in this two for setting the limit and stop orders.. so confusing.

  • you didn't explain what is stop price and limit price

  • Hindi me bataye to smzegne

  • Stop limit order is automatically getting canceled after few minutes, what to do?? Kindly help me !!!

  • Rubbish….she is giving example of something else as a amount and explaining something else on the app…
    Wazirx team: Please have a common sense while you making such videos for people to understand better…

  • Didi ko khud nahi pata…..

  • Order cancellation par charge leta hai kya wazirex

  • Order cancellation par charge leta hai kya wazirex

  • Info not clear. stop limit buy order might confuse people. Why some one want to keep the Stop price higher than At price amount when expecting a breakout.

  • not clear enough

  • Does narrator understand ?

  • common! someone create a video about stop limit!

  • Not easy to understand 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Please make a proper guide video, this has confused me more

  • Very bad presentation WazirX

  • Chachi bol rhi ho BTC or trade kar rhi ho TRX Lull ho ka

  • Totally useless video. Can't believe this is from official channel. Kis chutiya logo ne banaya hai pata nhi

  • didn't understand

  • Not working in Wazirx… I applied both strategy which u told… Sell & buy… But it is not working.. Order can't be completed…

  • 8000 ko 7800 me sell kon krega

  • Awaj acha h but hadbada ja rhi ho samjhane me👍

  • Why u mention on ur site that stop price must be higher then the limit price. Why u create this confusion.

  • Bade kanjoos log hai Wazirx wale, example bhi liya to matr kuch paiso ka lekar liya jisse kuch samajh mey hi nahi aa raha hai. Kya 30 se 100 rupye ke kisi coin ko round off mey lekar nahi samjha sakte they. Inki team ko yeh nahi maloom ki end user ki kya jarurat hai aur use kis type ke example se samjhaana chahiye. Agli baar koi video banao to mujhse zaroor check karwa lena please.

  • Kis kis ko samaj nai aya

  • She is saying something else , doing something else… Atleast use the price variables to demo placing a order same as described in example

  • Kuch bhi upload karte ho , jaisi app hai waisa he video banae ho

  • Not satisfy with presentation

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