HOW TO CREATE AND SELL NFT | In Hindi | Full Process In – Depth Explanation | Artma

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Hi Army, I sold my first NFT recently and like always when I learn something new I wish to bring it to you all as well. I am sharing with you all the full process and in depth of explanation of how to create and sell NFTs.

I hope you learn something new from this video.
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Thanks a lot for 338K subscribers. I thank you all for the love you have shown the work. Don’t forget to like the video and make sure to share it with other artist friends as well who can learn this!

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Why are people buying Digital Art?
01:58 – NFT Explained
02:34 – What is Blockchain?
04:22 – Skillshare Promoted Segment
07:10 – Why do we need NFTs/ Blockchain?
08:30 – What are Cryptocurrencies?
10:01 – My experience of selling my first NFT
11:02 – What you need to sell your first NFT?
13:29 – Minting Process Explained
15:03 – Minting & Selling my first NFT
15:40 – Why are people investing in Crypto Art?
17:03 – Outro


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  • Hi Army, hope this video gives you a good idea of how NFT technology is changing the art world. 😍🔥
    To get started with creating your own NFTs you can start by learning the right skills over at skillshare:

    The first 2000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare-

  • I Like it

  • इसका मतलब दुनिया तबाही की ओर बढ़ रही है।

  • Sir what amount of g** currency we have to invest firstly

  • How much eth should be bought for the fees

  • Best video on this topic. Thankx man

  • Congratulations bro!

  • Wat is minimum eth needed?

  • Hello sir How much amount you paid for NFT gas charges?

  • Hello
    What will happen when I withdraw this money earned through NFT in my account, will I be penalised by Income Tax department

  • Nft kai lie photoshop use kare ya adopt illustrator?

  • ❤️

  • How much was the gas fees?

  • I like the new Fanzies NFT project, seems like real Metaverse type of project + social game

  • Intention was good to create this video, but there's no useful info provided like gas fees on listing, minting price, profit percentage, end profit, bidding and fix prices options, gas fees fluctuation and many more points which are important. It was like marketing video of nft. By the way your design is very beautiful.

  • Bhot hi tagda video

  • Hi, saw your Lord Ganesh Nft video, its awesome. Wanted to know more about it. How do I contact you??

  • How make Nft

  • 💕

  • I'm speechless….kya banda hai yaar…. amazing explanation ….aur lord Ganesha's art was superb lit 🔥……. amazing man…keep it up

  • thanks bhai, it was really helpful

  • Sir can you make full course for NFT .From beginning to end.All procedure.?

  • very nice

  • Best hindi video on NFT

  • Video is really good but thoda fees kitna laga nd commission kitna liya uska bhi thoda info milta toh overall poora samjh aajata. but yaa pretty good info

  • amazing artwork of ganeshji with animation looks superb. hats off to your hard work

  • please sir I need your help
    I am facing issue with to deposit money in metamask
    if you can help me
    I will be your greatful

  • Sir srif digital artwork hi nft bn sakte h

  • How to become BC developer , I hv self learnt Solidity html n javascript

  • Do skillshare accept rupay debit card ?

  • Very informative and concise… One of the better explanatory videos I've come across.. answers most if not all the questions you might have.. Bravo!!

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