Explosions and Fire! | Floating Sandbox

In today’s video I return to Floating Sandbox to check out some ships and sink them using fire and explosions!
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Game: https://gamejolt.com/games/floating-sandbox/353572

Intro By Ozzers Oz


Jesse Gillett

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  • One of my family members died on the Lusitania

  • how to get timcams lusitania

  • f i s h

  • Can you suggest to TheAmazeman another sinking option for the 2000 britannic movie sinking in RBLX britannic

  • Wow! Nice vid. Can you send the link of Floating sandbox discord server pleasee

  • Thats lusitania

  • Ha ha your happy music was going on while you're ship sinks

  • It's back YAY

  • I remember learning about the first ship when I saw the symbol oj the funnel the last german soldiers in russia was aproximetly 9 thousand it was only supposed to have 2000 people but it was the only ship and sunk by a russian u boat it was escorted by two u boats but they left

  • How did you get the boats?

  • can you give me a link to timcim's ships?

  • Also, you didn’t have the lights off during the night.

  • 0:25 moment of silence for all the 9,000 lives lost in January 1945 on the Wilhelm gustloff.

  • Yay

  • A MIRACLE!!!

  • p

  • While watching your videos, I realise that they are corrupted while watching on my computer, the red and blue colours have been shifted down. However, when I watch on my phone or Ipad, everything looks fine again. Weird!

  • Tbh they developers put a lot of work into the water physics

  • Oh no!
    Butler, it seems the titanic blew up!
    How could this happen!

  • Did you tell AmazeMan

  • Hey

  • Am I the only one who loves to sink the Big Titanic in Real-Time/Long sinkings?

  • Glad you liked my Lusitania model, though the model is sitting a bit low in the water for you, I am glad she works and goes down similar to the real life counterpart.

  • Love your content, hope you continue like this, you need more subs, and deserve them.

  • Glad you're back in Floating Sandbox and checking out the new update!

  • Yay floating Sandbox!


  • Nice videos and this one

  • Hej jesse long time no see you ar the best

  • Hi

  • I love you

  • First

  • Hi

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