Evergrande Collapsing, China's Lehman Brothers Moment. A Case Study in Real Estate Stupidity.

China Evergrande, the second largest real estate developer in China, is on the brink of collapse with it’s debt trading at 30 cents on the dollar. Other Chinese developers are being dragged down with them. What is driving this collapse? Decades of central planning, speculative bubbles, and demographic problems just to name a few.

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Link to China’s Reckoning Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTbILK0fxDY

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  • Good day Mr Nobody.
    I’ve been noticing that your not having your Intro anymore. Was wondering why? I found it “pump me up type music intro”
    I think you should bring it back. Lol
    Anyways. As always. I appreciate your topics and your view. Thanks

  • you are GREAT!!!!! thanx

  • you are very right! the Chinese nazi mafia CCP is very stupid 🙄

  • @Nobody Special Finance, AWESOME job you are the only English discussion and break down of the China scam with what's going on with Evergrande and the rest of those development companies. The china market you speak of is also called Ghost Cities and the ones with substandard construction are called tofu dregs projects. Keep up the great work. Thanks
    China's "Tofu Dreg" Construction Exposed By Flooding | Where Did The 8 Billion USD Investment Go?

    one example of what a ghost city looks like


  • While it may be true that there is 90% home ownership in China, you are missing something really IMPORTANT. Most ppl in these 90% have first and only home in some small city or village. And everybody is trying to get out of the village and buy apartment in the big city where there is plenty of jobs. There is huge migration from villages to big cities. So it's normal for ppl to have two real estates.

  • Hi from France ! Great video, you're right about real estate and demographic problems. China has huge problems and I don't really know how a big crisis could not happened.

  • because of the way real estate works in china this literally cant be a lemans event while it will end up a net loss those losses can be contained because of the 99 year leasing by by government. the government owns all of the property which regardless of your stance on that contains the amount of derivatives that are piled on to products like housing and allowed for the massive amount of capital to invested into housing markets that couldn't be paid back. but if there is a housing crash these cities will likely never be lived in. with the demographic failure looming and an economic catastrophe coming as well it seems to me these cities that created gdp will go to ruin but the ccp wont fall into collapse because they already offloaded the price of them to the chines people through leasing agreements without actually giving up the value of the unit. the ccp owning property give them alot of tools to avoid mass forclosure owning the land and having the grip on the .companies the can set a bottom to the market.

  • Once you let the proverbial freedom out of the bag don’t think that people will accept going back to the old Mao ways. Won’t happen!

  • George Soros is so angry at XI Xi ping. And is taking their economy on purpose.

  • Chinese don’t own their homes the CCP owns all land and property and they lease the homes out for a long term.

  • That reminds me of Spain, they also built ghost towns. In the mid 2000s.

  • Congrats on breaking 1k subs. And btw lol ‘melon of a head’ 🤣

  • Stop referencing economic ninja😂 you are your own man with your own amazing ideas. I would much rather listen to you focus on yourself!!!

  • I wonder how many huge companies bankrupted in the US last year… And "Nobody Special" is worrying about a single company in China????????????

  • As a European, I work between HK and Shenzhen back and forth. You're so right about the pressure of having a house. Personally I just rent cheap and refuse to try and own a house with this price bubble. I stack gold and silver as Americans love to do with the death of the USD coming soon. I also feel the RMB could take a major dump, or housing prices could also get cut in half as they are so damn inflated. I owe nothing and don't care to own anything here right now. Just saving and stacking as I watch what happens next as something big should happen soon in every country.

  • Incredible insights, thank you for putting this together. On paper it would seem that a drop in real estate would wipe out the entire country, but I am curious what the local governments/ shell companies are purchasing with the money they borrow against their real estate. The chinese seem to be marching around the globe doing deals with developing nations, and aquiring resources, technology, & labor. If they are getting actual hard assets and resources with a loan against real estate nobody wants (ghost cities), then they only lose their credit rating when the market drops. And now they have 34 million men to throw at any country who tries to call in the debt

  • China didn't limit playing video games. They put a limit on online gaming only. So single player games are allowed. Just correcting this.

  • If you keep growing at this rate – you will be nobody special no longer.

  • youre forgetting the fact that people don't actually "own" their home, they actually lease the land from the government for 70 years. So, is the government the one losing the most from this?

  • The real estate ponzi scheme has been in development for some time…unfortunately for Australia alot of our wealth is built on iron ore exports to make steel…if things go in reverse so will iron ore exports!

  • WAIT TIL CHINA TRIES TO GET PAID FROM OUR DEBT. LMAO. We all know America never plans on paying off or beginning to pay off its debt. We all know they plan on the dollar crashing soon. America will go to a C credit score but essentially, it wont effect us. The entire world is bankrupt because all the money the Elite is hording will soon be nothing. Put it in this perspective. Say someone collects, steals, and hoards all the fruit every year. They dont really use it because they have acres of fruit but they still hoard and hide it to the point no one else can eat it. They think they will rule the world when they own all the fruit. Well, these stupid people are so busy stealing all the fruit, they never check on the old rotted fruit they already had. Eventually, that fruit will all be rotten and no fruit on the planet. The elite will soon realize that the normal peasants have been trading nuts and meat and bread . Well the Elite never bothered to hoard any of this and they dont control any of the nut trees or live stock. Turns out, they are now the peasants as their gold and art and big palaces and yachts are no longer worth shlt because alcohol, guns, ammo, etc are the new gold

  • For “nobody special”, you’re pretty damn good at breaking this down. Great work, bud! 👍🏼

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