Ethereum Price Prediction (2021) – ETH Price Prediction – Ethereum ETH Crypto Coin News Today NOW

We are once again back with an Ethereum price prediction 2021 video. This one will focus on doing an ETH price prediction and take a look at the Ethereum crypto on multiple timeframes. The ETH crypto coin is right now outperforming Bitcoin which is a good sign. I hope that this ETH Ethereum technical analysis and price prediction for 2021 will provide some value for you guys!

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On my youtube channel, you will find content on crypto and cryptocurrencies, such as crypto technical analysis, Bitcoin forecast, Bitcoin news,BTC trading, Ethereum price prediction trading and similar cryptocurrency topics. I highly recommend subscribing for more crypto and Ethereum technical analysis videos. This ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency analysis was made on April 28, 2021.

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MAJOR!! {ETH PRICE BREAKTHROUGH!!} Ethereum Price Prediction // {ETH SEPTEMBER 2021 TO SOAR!!}

I also do videos on ETH such as Ethereum price prediction videos, and Cardano ADA news videos! And now I also do videos on Litecoin and LTC price prediction videos!

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0:00 – Intro + Info ❤️
1:08 – NEW ETH Data 🔥
2:14 – A bearish sign? 🐻
3:37 – WARNING ⚠️ (Important to watch…)
4:13 – Upside Scenario 🚀🌒
6:26 – Downside?? 📉
8:28 – Outro

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Il ne se trompe jamais dans ses predictions ?! #ethereum #crypto #bitcoin

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes ONLY. This video is NOT financial advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker and does NOT come from a licensed professional. ⚠️

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    0:00 – Intro + Info ❤️
    1:08 – NEW ETH Data 🔥
    2:14 – A bearish sign? 🐻
    3:37 – WARNING ⚠️ (Important to watch…)
    4:13 – Upside Scenario 🚀🌒
    6:26 – Downside?? 📉
    8:28 – Outro

  • Not sure if such stuff is worth anything. But Woe May usay about EcoCelium? Not like old uselesstoken s, this one evolves the world of crypto!

  • I hope your next vid will be about CosmicSwap! I'm starving for news about it… I'd like to recognize if it's as fantastic as it apparently!

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  • Good video bro.
    Such a good analysis.

  • What advice would you give should I hold, or sell at 2700 and then buy back at around 2500?

  • Think ETH is good but their gas-fees are still ridiculous. Especially compaired to Binance or soon ADA. Still it will be there and the overall crypto market will grow. So there is enough for these to co-exist. Great video as always and recently switched from Coke to Pepsi, which was a bit difficult but the Pepsi Max is nice. Coke had to be WOKE and I just hate that. Just symbolic idiots without actually doing something.

  • Great video, your analysis is in depth and accurate. I first invested in ETH last year on Apr 30, 2020 and bought at $210.64. I had been saving up from working throughout high school, and put over 80% of my life savings into ETH, which at the time was about $6,500. I currently have a little over 30.8 ETH worth about 80k, but im not selling it any time soon. I am joining the new ETH 2.0 staking program, which results in a APY yeild of 7%-5.5%. The catch is I will not be able to withdraw the ETH for 2-3 years, but in that time the coin will be well over $10,000-$20,000.I hope to have enough at the end to buy a house cash out of college and possibly pay off my student loans.

  • I bought a bunch of ethereum few years back, i completely forgot about untill this evening when a commercial reminded me that of CoinBase where i bought them..
    holy damn i was in for a treat 😀

  • I am really confused. Some are saying ETH will crash badly and some are saying it will go to the moon

  • BCTR is ready to takeoff

  • I bought some ETH.. becoz ETH is used as payment for Wrapped-DGLD (wDGLD) digital gold in the Blockchain..

  • Thank you for the suggestion.

  • 32 ETH diamond hands since 2017 💎💎

  • do you have a second channel called "crypto top"? If not, then someone is using your videos over there.

  • I pumped 30k into ethereum this morning. Holding long till 2023 then buying my first house. 💯

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    Showing the downside is equally important as showing where a Coin may go to.

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