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As Cardano gets closer to the Alonzo hardfork and releasing smart contracts, a plethora of money-grab projects are entering the Cardano Eco-System. In this video, we discuss the signs of a potential scam and also fill our bags with hopium price predictions for ADA during the crypto bull market.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Hopium-Filled ADA!
01:18 Cardano BS Prices to get YOU WRECKED!
04:26 Early Warning Signs of Failed ADA Projects
08:52 Huge AD Price Predictions
15:24 Cardano Summary

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Outro Music: Too Cool, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
ISRC: USUAN1600068


Jason Pizzino

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  • Lol 40 dollars isn’t outrageous …. If you add in inflation our current 5 dollars will be around 9.36 cents
    So that’s saying a 17 dollar Cardano in 18 years
    Which is probably undervalued .
    People always forget about inflation.
    But if they think it will do it this year then they are smoking hopium chasing the dragon.

  • Fud

  • I don't invest in any companies at this point. The ecosystem is so new.

    I stick to systems.

  • mate love your channel but your validator node on cardano has made you violate your biggest rule, dont get emotionally invested in a coin.

    cardano is nice to trade but its fundamentals are rubbish, time to put that back in the swing trade basket my friend

  • I think they are going to continue to grow. Most people don't understand the concept of "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their prices are down and selling off when the price rises. sometimes i let Mark jean do my trading for straight 3 days with confidence on my face LOL. He's my best and i rate him 100%. Good luck everyone.

  • Wish i saw this before the big dip

  • We are in a very bad financial situation. I have 2 daughters.

  • You've got no idea mate… There's a conspriacy by the whales to release FUD… Cos for some reason it's in their interest to drive the price lower rather than sell their holdings to get the lower price then just rebuy cos they've got THAT MANY bitcoins? No these market makers with their enormous wealth resort to petty tactics to continue to accumulate so at the peak they'll have too much to sell. Then you put up some joke social media thing, which complains about how all these people on social media are saying these bad things… While making a video which echos this statement without even doing the most basic checks to find if this info is actually true. And Guess what?? You'll have other idiots pointing to your rubbish saying look at all these projects that are doing heaps bad, all over social media… I wonder how these kinds of baseless rumours start……

    You talk about all this while giving a friendly reminder people should pay money to you cos you're heaps legit, not pushing shady brokers like swyftx, who claim to magically convert to AUD to USD (NOT USDT, they charge their standard high fee for that conversion), but USD even though no exchanges pretty much accept USD and everything is done with USDT…. Is it even legal in Australia to push a financial service (which a broker most definitely is) without disclosing any possible conflict of interest? Just out of curiousity. Might ask the ACCC, what else is there to do in lockdown…
    And what's bitcoin up since last year? What's eth up since last year? What were their market caps? What are they now? Do you not understand anything at all about finance? Don't want to ultimiately give you the ideas for your next 20 episodes but if crypto reached the market cap of gold and everything was given equal amounts based on their current percent total of crypto what would it be worth?

    I get the drill – the thoughtful investor who wants to look out for his mates, but happens to also be pushing a tonne of dodgy products but nobody questions him, he's a nice guy

  • Looking at my chart, it looks like you couldn't have been more wrong

  • Curious to see your TA for XRP…

  • 8-12

  • Jason just a pleb like Alex Saunders

  • Can you make a video on AGLD??

  • I've wrote ada off as a failed project

  • Any thoughts on OCC as a launchpad/dex?

  • Can somebody explain to me? BTC drops 0.85% – ADA drops 8.5%!!! It wen to almost 2.5$ What the heck is going on? Why is it so weak??

  • rock on Jas 👌

  • Jason, as you mentioned, you did not researched ADAX. If you did some research you didn't show this FUD article from Reddit.
    Most in this article is already refuted and explained by the ADAX team.
    Do you think that people like Rodger Ver and Mate Tokay will connect their good names at this project if it was a scam?

  • Great information, Bro. 👍

  • Can we get a $Divi review??

  • Solana on fire 🔥🔥 🔥

  • For sure $40 is not this cycle, so hold and sleep on it for the next decade to 50-100x your investment. Time in the market is better than timing the market! Buy it and forget it.

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