Dual Universe – Crafting take's too long…. Gameplay Building Sandbox MMO

With a few hour now in dual universe we discuss it’s prospects show off what we have built. This game has a lot a positives to offer but it has so much to balance to get wright, only time will tell.

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  • It also is a damn subscription model…minimum of 70 bucks a year…I can't afford that for a game I might not play all the time. Especially if it's that FUCKING SLOW.

  • What resolution are you playing at here?

  • why haven't you started a series on this game yet? they just released a major update a few weeks ago.

  • I tried building a basic box in game. It took two hours. I can build a basic box in real life in one hour. I had big hopes for this game, but it really sucked in nearly every way.

  • graphics are horrible… and basically it's a space mine craft

  • crafting is pure misery !! 2 min for screws,, frames 5 min,, struts 12 min- ended up taking me 2 hours to make a small box that hold jack shit

  • God they need to fix the cancer shadow flicker

  • I literally just sold my tutorial items and used log in money to buy space parts to leave the starter planets

  • Don't play solo or else you'll suffer: The Game

  • You can always mine?

  • you all are hittin him for the "take's"

    but are we gonna ignore the "much to balance to get WRIGHT" in the desc??

  • I am completely fine with everything having to wait to be done over a long period of time. This is not a private server, this time mechanism is key to the longevity of the game. If everything was instantly done, so would the game. (Private server setup excluded). So far I don’t see a need for private servers

  • To add more to this I have talk with a number of DU backers on the DU Discord and they with me that developer rushed DU to fast to beta and also agree that it's more alpha then beta since there are still a number of things that need to be addressed as well as a number of things still not in game. Also, some of them agree that the developer shouldn't be requiring players to pay for beta either since as said before it's more alpha then beta.

    Therefore, if you are thinking about playing DU and if I might suggest, wait at least 3 to 6 months and see what the current beta testers say.

  • I started watching this because the entire feeling so far for DU is one of intense grinding to do anything and while I love space games and love to build anything tedious will burn me out quick. The game seems to be is a factorial ship building so you can pvp game. I hope I'm wrong but for now I will be avoiding DU.

  • I like this roundtable discussion of the game.

  • Thank goodness for our in chat English teachers

  • You're meant to craft a lot of each industry, that's why it takes so long.

  • So basically if you have a full time job there's no point in even trying to play this game. Kinda unfortunate, it looks like a good game

  • This game isn't balanced for a small group to build a base and have a fleet in a week or two. You aren't playing space engineers anymore. Stop misleading people because of your lack of knowledge and experience. I know the ad revenue is really nice for a game that just dropped the NDA but you as a content creator are first responsible for not contributing to disinformation.

  • This game is alpha state. The graphics don't even load properly depending on your card. I'm using 2070 super and the game looks like ass. Another player is using a 1080 and his game looks phenominal comparatively.
    Building is alpha state. Bugs are alpha state. Support is non existent.

  • Lost my ship to bug. Spent another 50 hours recovering. Lost the next ship to same bug. Wait 5 days to just buy a ship thats pre-built. Buy ship. Fly ship. Discover it cant escape the atmosphere. Get dc while in atmosphere. Lost ship. Ask for help in discord. No one helps. Great game.

  • I have been playing since Alpha 3 and I'd say this game isn't really meant for solo players. The bigger the group you are in the more you get done since the mining is all done by players with their mining tool. This forced people to work together in their organisations.

  • When you progress farther into the game, you won't care about the tutorial. I completely agree that manufactured goods take way too long to make.
    What you'll realize is that creating ships is an art, not a science. The data they give isn't good enough to know if you can lift off with a full payload in your ship or what the maximum weight is that you can carry.
    The mining needs a lot of work. It can be very difficult to see depth when underground. I feel really bad for people with vision issues, if they want to mine. Also, the ore that is available on each planet needs reworked. I know they want people to have to go to multiple planets to get the right kind of ore, but it's going to make playing this game in a small group or solo play very frustrating.
    All that said, the game is fun to play. They've made the servers more stable in the last couple of days. Hopefully they can add more creature comforts and better data about ships you are creating as you add more hover/thrusters/rockets/weight.

  • This game is tailored to having massive guilds/companies like in Eve online, and NOT towards small groups and solos. Which is exactly why its subscription based, the people in these massive companies will be paying monthly to keep playing. Because if it was a one time payment, the game would die after all the small people left from being forced out of the game form the large maga companies, and no one new would buy the game, meaning no more income.

    If you're just a solo or small group, stay FAR away from this "game" where you have to pay to access it.

  • So Empyriom 2.0 will be on sale in weeks

  • I think the game is fine go explore the plamet a bit

  • So for abducting people you devolved from complex rocket pods to a space van?

  • I didn't really do many of the tutorials. Basically just figured it out on my own. Had to learn about the k key after coming back for a tutorial and that let me get quite a ways. But then upgrading my ship was the other one I did. Crafti g does take a while. But I like it. I feel too many games have spoiled us with ludicrously short times for crafting. I would be fine if they left it or shortened it a bit.

  • A lot of your time issue is simply inexperience. I've been playing since Alpha 2… Beta launched and I was on Ion withing 4 hours… through the work of one person. I will absolutely agree that there is a HUGE learning curve! But once you get comfortable with all the workings of the game, and get off that stupid Sanctuary/Alioth joke of a location you're playing experience with grow exponentially. Alioth was always known as Lag-Cental. Now you can easily toss in the Sanc moon as equally crap. Also, the moon has skills debuffs and crap for resources. Imagine what your mining now compared to finding nodes of ore in the millions of liters range daily!

  • My thought on the long production time: If you only have to refine a mineral once in the entire existence of the server, and you can recycle metals that were already refined, then you will eventually have more than enough resources. Unlike games in which the player frequently starts over the beginning processes, due to starting new worlds/save files, all progress toward starting the game is kept forever in dual universe.

  • I'm using the same dark wood! It looks so nice when there's light, otherwise it's just blackness lol

  • Yeah the crafting part is a bit of a bummer. But on the positive side one thing I do like. Is it seems there is a larger grid to work with here.

    Unlike others such as Space Engineers which I'm always having to cut back on my builds. Not something I'm used to coming from a Minecraft background.

    So I can almost forgive the longer crafting times if it gives me more to work with in the long run. I mean we are in beta after all so hopefully this will improve later.

  • "take's"

  • The learning curve is pretty intense, that's for sure. Pro tip for anyone starting out: DON'T BUILD YOUR FIRST ASSEMBLY LINE. Buy it. Take your starter money, find your closest market and buy yourself a small assembler, a refinery and a few xs or s cargo containers. Crafting in inventory is excruciatingly slow.

  • I know it's early stages, but it looks very ropey. Graphically really poor. Looks a lot like Empyrion.

  • The title's "takes" shouldn't have an apostrophe. It represents ownership.

  • i gotta say the xs is never obsolete, as its the only way to build a hub

  • Personally, I think crafting times are fine. It encourages collaboration but also feels very satisfying when you get some production set up.

  • Spent money servers are down. Game refuses to login or even give an error code and can ping what they want submit all their info in tickets and get no response back. A very sorry state for a game and disappointing they got any money from me.

  • So the industry is slow to start but once you get it up and have talents into it it drastically improves your ability to do things. The system my org allows us to auto craft things from start to finish now. I.E. inputting ore to a container and out putting say a large container. if you guys are interested i would be more than happy to show you. If you're interested feel free to message me in game. Cloud is my character name.

  • 1. the building is easy, i guess just have some time building. 2 the answer to all the other questions is that this is an mmo and is designed to be a time sink, the world is not planned to reset ever. Think what would happen if everyone had what you wish in the first few weeks of play. You are not meant to make everything your self, your meant to specilise and interact with the markets. Basic division of labour

  • All the issues at the of video most have been fixed with todays patch

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