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  • For more information on EVERYTHING you need to know about crypto & taxes, checkout this help guide:

  • Fifo method oof
    If you dollar cost avg – it is possible that you have some crypto (eg Bitcoin) that is over a year old and some Bitcoin that you recently bought. So you will need to figure that one out coz they are taxed Differently

  • Can my tax be deductible in my earnings in crypto?

  • I started in 2016 and as time went on the exchanges have gone out of business and no way to find the info?

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  • Plz correct me if I’m wrong

    If I sold something for $100 in BTC, I will be taxed for the full $100.
    Basically one address to another transaction. The BTC I received will be regarded as a gift therefore the $100 is fully taxed when I cash out to my bank account.

    Question: Does this count as a zero cost basis? If so, how should I file my crypto taxes?

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  • Wait so if i trade bitcoin for eth, but i havent sold for any USD, i would still have to pay a percentage of the cash value, even if I havent sold it for cash and therefore dont have the cash? I'll get taxed just for the holding on to coins as the value goes up? I thought i only would get taxed based on the actual income from a sale in USD. What if the value of my crypto holdings rises significantly but i havent sold it yet and only have like $10 in the bank? Like if the value of my crypto holdings rose by $4000 but i havent sold it and only have $10 in the bank. I would be required to pay taxes on the rise in value, in USD to the IRS? Even though i havent actually sold it for cash and dont actually have that money?

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  • Canada?

  • Recent statement from PayPal:

    To help you calculate your gains or losses, we'll provide you with account statements with all your crypto transactions.
    Starting for the 2021 tax year, we'll also provide you with a 1099-B that you can reference when filing your taxes.

  • Hi! Great video🌝 what if my income as a single person is less than 38700$ (meaning I have to pay 12% on gains shortterm) but after selling my Bitcoin for instance for 100000$, does my “income” now increased and now I have to pay 24%?
    Thank you for your time!

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  • Ok ty


  • can i just take back the capital i invested in with out taking any profits?

  • Well shit now that Biden is president I think the capital gains tax went up

  • Capital gains and capital losses. What the fuck does that even mean. And why the fuck would you “owe” a percentage to the govt? For what?

  • suppose I traded $10 usdc to ltc and don't cash it out, how to calculate tax on crypto trade then?

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