Circle Rate In Delhi | Phenomenon Playing Out | Block Chain Technology | What To Buy Now

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  • Decreasing circle rate in Delhi can be connected with two points:

    1. "Focus illusion" by Delhi Government

    2. "Survivorship bias" of the Delhi people who are happy with this decision

  • Amit sangwan ji very well made video. Fantastic. want to add few words more. Now a days on gurgaon property news there are going two u tube channels one ir yrs and other is p. k. I. (short name) a few days back my rating for both channels were 60:40. but after this video my rating is chaged to 90:10. keep it up Amit ji. all gurgaonwasis are with you

  • mumbai walo k liye kuch batao

  • Babu Bhaiya Sab Andar Ka Khel Hain….

  • Good

  • Circle Rate decrease in Delhi vis-a-vis increase in Ggn . The behind the scene vote-bank agenda brought to light 👏 very well. But this has always been the case with Delhi politics with different modus-operandi by previous regimes. Unfortunate but the consolidation of classes is happening at a faster rate now.

  • Astrology ki video kb aayegi aapki

  • Excellent sir

  • Ireo vitu plot gurugram…. What is happening

  • Jai ho

  • Tata 113 kaisa rahega sir ji.

  • Cognitive biasedness example of source of money is very valid and 100pc original gyan sir

  • Very nice 👌

  • Sewak wali baat ke liye 👍👍👍👍

  • Very nice and informative 🙏🙏

  • Sir ji rate badhana koi Gurgaon walon se seekhen.Itney shandaar tareekay se Likes badhwa diye 😀🙏 Jai ho sir

  • No

  • Very good sir

  • Yes

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