Cardano, IOTA, Tron Price Projection

In this video of a Cardano, IOTA and Tron Price projection, I analyze the potential market cap of 100 Billion Dollars and what the valuation of these projects could lead too. Cardano uses IOHK (Input Output) to analyze the technology they are developing. IOTA is using the unique Tangle Ledger, as they introduce sensors, smart energy grid through the Internet of Things. Tron is apart of the Web 4.0 with blockchain applications in the entertainment space.

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Crypto Kitties 3D - A Revolution is Happening Around Us

This is not professional financial advise and do your own research before adding any of these coins to your portfolio.


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  • This aged well , all prices are the same

  • 37$? Based on what?

  • Cardano is in the same position Ethereum was three years ago- FUD

  • It’s best to get coins on HITBTC with a personal crypto-shell, I heard there were problematic cases of transfer from the exchange to the exchange, so in your case I would not risk it.

  • Blockchain J? It’s Jeff with altcoin buzz, quit trying to church it up son. 😂 ok troll comment out of the way.
    Great informative video, keep it up. ADA going to be big over the next 6-18 months. Loving these dips to fill the bags at discounted rates.


  • In tron we trust

  • People! I'm from the future! In March 2018, the ADA price $ 0.18. In July 2019 TOKENGO price $ 13


  • Pweow app is the chinese snap chat. N he is based from hk not japan

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  • Everybody refers to Justin's son when it comes to TRX.. Well does his son have a name?

  • What about one that can bridge them all? Icohn can't. Can you check out AION, interoperability project?

  • Cardano, Myriad, Zencoin

  • You think cardano will make it to the hundreds dollar a coin one day?

  • Is IOTA starting the new BIG wave right now?

  • tron and iota are just „not finished“ project. Cardano will rock 2018 but iota and tron will not rise much

  • etherdelta delisted from coinmarketcap?

  • I am fan of IOTA, too, but was wondering what's your opinion on the critisism that came out Of MIT.

  • The way to keep a video shorter is to not talk about keeping it short AND reduce your babble

  • IOTA all the way

  • I had iota for a day. Then it was jacked. Come to find out thats common. Hell of a deal here. I suggest the craps table.

  • Glad i waited to watch! Alot of them have taking a dive. Think its a good time to buy? lol i know its not financial advise

  • I really enjoy your videos, perspective, knowledge, and patience. Keep making great content, I look forward to watching your continuing success.

  • You have 182k subscriber so Just a mic suggestion

  • electroneum for me

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  • lets talk about DigiByte

  • I want to provide the project in which I began to participate absolutely recently. O to the TokenGo platform is. Perspectives of development in developers
    very big. The excellent command, the relevant ideas, generous bounty program, all factors specify that TokenGo one of the most interesting platforms now

  • $INT INTChain Or Internet Node Token is going to Moon in 2018. Mainnet Launch ahead!

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  • A little bit of history for ya. The "internet" was created by Darpa. You know, the government. It wasn't created to be apart or unregulated by government. The total opposite is true. I think that is a beatiful idea we should strive for. But lets not forget to deal with things as they are, as i opposed to how we want them to be.

  • What you guys think about this? 

    IOTA Vulnerability Report: Cryptanalysis of the Curl Hash Function Enabling Practical Signature Forgery Attacks on the IOTA Cryptocurrency


  • What is the basis (formula) for projecting price at 100bn market cap? With example please..

  • Hey we love your videos.. can we send you some of our ETHRE crypto coins as a free airdrop????

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