Blockchain in Asia: China Bets on Blockchain

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Since Xi Jinping called it a core technology in 2019, blockchain has been driving change across China’s ports, cities, and grasslands.

Forkast.News with support from the Judith Neilson Institute’s Asian Stories project explores how blockchain and China’s Blockchain-based Service Network is defining today how it could be used tomorrow.

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  • Wuhan virus

  • is that why China banned Bitcoin?

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  • Go out China corona virus

  • BS-Network, huh?

  • China kicked all the block chain specialists to the curb so china thinks they can steal this tech to and make it manipulated like their current currency you guys will become isolated in the world markets if other countries pick up crypto as a currency, because your block chain wouldn't be trusted and most definitely won't be transparent on the operations of its protocol. So I'd say no Winni the POO MONEY thank you

  • What are the negative effects besides positive effects?

  • Fake China prison money wants to control the world

  • This is China's Apple Store, coordinating and managing the flows to minimize corruption, $ laundering, etc…
    Current crypto, bitcoins, etc. are allowing too much criminals to take advantage of the decentralized currency system…

  • Do not, i repeat DO NOT invest in digital yuan. Specially if it’s controlled by ccp.

  • China can use Polkadot to connect all the chains 😉

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  • A Centralized Blockchain is the epitome of a Communist Regime. Total Control.

  • Blockchain is not cryptocurrency

  • All digital technologies are great but what if suddenly solar flare occurs big enough to disrupt global electronics dependent technologies in the future.

  • China is such a fascinating place. They have an overtly Communist government, yet a radically libertarian technology being adopted. It's a place of radical extremes and limitless potential.

  • Dawn China is developing pretty fast.

  • Country who invented Covid-19 and need to be punished is CHINA…. Shame on CPC…3.9 million people lost their lives…

  • Yeah, charles cardano

  • Bsn server controlled by Xi

  • watch out for scammers posing as channel owners.

  • So they’re centralizing, what was meant to be decentralized 🤔……

  • Where do they sell BSN?

  • The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures and digital currencies

  • Never centralized or controlled. Never. No need for it to be as one. That defeats the purpose

  • Moving forward Comrades 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🇨🇳

  • Xi Jinping’s continuation in power could be ‘very destabilising’ for party: Experts

    The Communist Party of China (CPC), with President Xi Jinping at the helm of affairs, is gearing up to celebrate its centenary on 1 July. While the 90 million-strong member CPC has gone back to one leader party, especially after the removal of the two-term limit on the presidency, experts warn that continuation of Xi after two terms could potentially be “very destabilising” for the party in the future.

    In a deviation from normal practice, CPC did not name a successor to the General Secretary during the second tenure of the party leadership, and the Chinese president is expected to remain as their paramount leader during the reshuffle of the party’s governing bodies at the twice-a-decade Party Congress next year.

    South China Morning Post said in its report Friday that the twice-a-decade Party Congress next year will shed light on how he plans to tackle succession. According to the Hong Kong-based daily, the succession plan could prove to be Xi’s biggest challenge and will shape the party for decades to come.

    Deng Xiaoping, the moderate “paramount leader” of CPC who guided the party till 1997, invented a collective leadership structure that accommodated all groups and sections within the party. But Xi, unlike his predecessors, did not endorse a successor at the end of his first term in 2017 and observers suggest that the emergence of a new leadership line-up next year remains highly unlikely.

    Amid global adversity in the wake of a pandemic, Xi’s supporters project his leadership as the need of the hour for the country but, according to Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London, that could spell trouble for the party. “When succession finally looms, it can potentially be very destabilising if the structure and/or process is not clear and well defined,” Tsang told the Washington Post.

    Nis Gruenberg, a senior analyst at the Mercator Institute for China Studies, told SCMP that though Xi has bought more time to establish his vision of the party-state by abolishing term limits, he has also inserted “enormous uncertainty” into the leadership system, “which…could destabilise the leadership system as soon as Xi…has gone.”

    Xi has solidified his own leadership position but potentially pushed the country towards a destabilising succession crisis, according to a joint report by the Centre for Strategic International Studies in the US and the Lowy Institute in Australia. The report, published earlier in April, suggests that China’s political path is shrouded in great uncertainty.

    “The global impact of a twenty-first century succession crisis would be immense,” the think-tanks said

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