Bitcoin To Rocket To $100k (NFT's Interest Going Parabolic)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

What We Discuss:
-Market Watch
-BTC/ETH Charts
-Gensler Loves BTC
-ETH’s Road to POW
-Coinbase vs OpenSea
-EGLD E-Money
-AUS v. Ransomware

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  • Ok Good Place to be in

  • Ada gang

  • Hey Bitboy Go Red Sox 🙂

  • First saw you altcoin daily visit to Tron party before the lunch with Buffet thanks for all the gains

  • Get some Hawaiian shirts please 😅

  • Hi Bitboy, Good morning

    Do Review about "AURUM" as you've said earlier

  • All of the mispronunciations are a deliberate marketing tactic

  • [Insert Hand Raise Emoji]

  • 33 mins in video…… Ben's ego revealed….. He thinks everyone who is into crypto should know who he is and consider him a celebrity 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh dear

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  • I was doing 250 my freshmen year

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  • Cosmos Army!!! Ahhhh yeahh!

  • F Joe Biden!

  • I like money and crypto …and the planet

  • ADA Gang All The Way!!!

  • ADA Baaaaby!!! ADA!!!

  • Intro song please?

  • Ok Crypto group…. Please this NFT thing…I cant wrap my head around it. Is it a coin? If so what ones are they? I was also shown it something you can buy and sell online like a picture ext… So confused and yes im a new mama to crypto lol
    thanks all be safe and have fun !

  • 👋

  • This part is all WRONG ETH V $ADA
    This whole part is wrong said validators lock up there ADA , WRONG it's never locked

    Rewards are given to one person , Wrong it go's to the people in the pool verifying transations

    The individual don't retain control of there investment, Wrong they retain 100% control of there investment

    they need to read more about Cardano who ever wrote that part BitBoy needs to talk later to his Channel about this big Puck up .
    I think Cardano dose all three
    1. more research driven
    2. Provides more security
    3. More cost savings on transaction fee's
    Rock on Cardano

  • hello bitboy im a venezuelan that watch your show and around the blockchain everyday like mass , i could send you some data

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