Bitcoin Price ROARS Towards $58k (Parabolic Altcoin Supercycle LOADING…)

In this video, I give you the top crypto news stories of the day in less than 3 minutes. Bitcoin is stealing the spotlight while altcoins are standing still. But can this continue or will we see an altcoin supercycle soon? Solana is claiming that their NFT platform will be able to compete with OpenSea. Finally, a popular crypto YouTube channel was taken down, something we are all too familiar with here. Find out who it was and if they got their channel back!

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  • L E T S G O B R A N D O N

  • Rose is going to absolutely explode during this bullrun. Oh yeah I said it 🚀

  • How long until altcoins explode?

  • Solana NFTs have so many scams right now, can't compete until they start weeding this shit out.

  • I love this

  • #SHIBA INU!!🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊✌✌

  • Would you please stop saying the largest community in crypto? Coin Bureau is the largest. Are you delusional?! Look at Guy’s subscription numbers!

  • In my opinion we go to much more than 60k or go to 30k, unfortunately ✅

  • Hey bit boy !!! I have jist bought 15 ada with my savings ..this month is it a gud decision for long 1 year

  • billion token still have chance to go 1000xxx

  • Ever notice how accidental bans only happen when moving into a bull run?

  • Can’t wait for it to hit ath, found surge inu which looks like it could pump soon

  • Fork joe Biden and the Democraps

  • Let’s goooo Brandon !!!

  • Let's gooo Brandon!

  • Could someone explain: didn’t bitboy predict the bull cycle to be over by now?

  • May be it is time to fix your profit with tether?

  • Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • I hope the alt coin burst comes soon. I would of expected poly to pump heavy already

  • Can someone explain to me why there are dozens (hundreds?) of comments that read “Let’s go Brandon!” or some variation thereof, each with ~50+ likes?

  • Why not just stack coins or deposit your crypto to Flirt Invest?

  • Let's go Brandon!

  • Lets go Brandon!

  • Vechain gonna pump hard soon. Big insider news 🚀🚀🚀

  • Do not be fooled, I was thinking the same. It'll be a small pullback to closest resistance level maybe but it'll be short lived. Alts are gonna go wild so just got to be a little patient. I mean if you got through that mini bear market it should be no problem.

  • You should really invest in a gimbal.

  • Let’s go Brandon!!

  • Not aging well….

  • Question is, WHY are alt coins “coiled” to pop?

  • Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • Let's Go Brandon!!!

  • Bens arm keeps getting tired and he switching arms!! Lmao

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