Bitcoin Down BUT Alts Stay UP! Altcoin Season is HERE!

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For weeks people have been concerned that if Bitcoin drops suddenly that altcoins will go down with them. Well the data isn’t following that line of thought today. In fact since BTC has been consolidating for the past 2 weeks, alts have finally had a chance to build a foundation and show some strength. Until today we didn’t know how much strength there was. Now we have a day where Bitcoin has fallen 10% and the micro caps are gaining dominance. This hasn’t happened for a long time so you can see that the structure that we have formed isn’t a fluke. We are in for an altcoin run. At this point 60% of coins I’m following are in long positions and 3 of them have over doubled so far. There are still a few alts that haven’t completely turned yet so there are more to buy. The ones that we are in are all in a holding pattern until we see signs of weakness. So far so good. Congrats to those that are following closely and making money 🙂

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  • Hi mate, agree, i don't like when we go down but we have to cool down I'd we wish to go higher😉

  • we need btc to take a break from volatility and we can throw altparty! 😀

  • Need tshirts

  • The BTC price targets from this have already been hit and bounced up. Cryptos move very quickly lol. But hopefully it holds.

  • Thanks Calvin! BTC down is goooood. Thoughts on PERL (Perlin) please 🙂

  • Still cash here! Love your content and trying to learn before I do any more trading.

  • thank you

  • What’s up with DNT

  • Lots of red everywhere on coinmarketcap, Everything seems to be going down 🙁

  • Thanks Calvin

  • Love the updates!!

  • These are the trend lines I had setup for quite a while, some of them make more sense in 4hr scale, . They all converged on that giant red bar. Crazy. Changed some things in my portfolio when it happened for sure. Still not doing bad at all though, I am up even though bitcoin is down haha.

  • You're very undervalued on YouTube. Teaching people to fish instead of catching fish for them. Too bad most want others to catch their fish.

    If I could make one suggestion. Since you have some custom charts and are explaining ideas based on those charts; you should explain why they are setup that way so that your viewers can more readily take in your advice.

    You've given so many coin calls you forgot to mention NAV . up 15% today.

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