Binance Smart Chain NFTs about to EXPLODE!!

NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain BSC are about to explode as PancakeSwap prepares to launch their NFT marketplace and Ethereum gas fees are INSANE right now..
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A lot of cryptocurrency investors write off Binance and the Binance Smart Chain but it has more active addresses and incredibly cheaper fees than Ethereum. Personally I don’t like Binance or Ethereum, but I use them both daily and I always try to use BSC before ETH since Ethereum is broken after EIP-1559 and the insane gas fees for transactions or TXIDs.. PancakeSwap arguably simply the biggest DEX or decentralized exchange in the world ever is launching their own NFT marketplace.. this is incredibly underestimated and will catapult BSC to the front of the Non-fungible token investors homepage and thus BSC NFTs will rise in value and adoption — it’s not guaranteed but it’s pretty obvious if PancakeSwap actually launches a full blown marketplace for NFTs and not just a place to sell their stupid bunny NFTs to burn CAKE tokens lol

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 NFTs making crypto investors millionaires
02:20 Buying and Selling NFTs in 2021
03:45 PancakeSwap launching their NFT marketplace?
04:10 Ethereum vs BSC for NFTs
06:04 NFT marketplace binance
06:37 NFT marketplaces on BSC
06:54 Anola
07:37 The best NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain BSC
14:22 Minting NFTs on Binance Smart Chain BSC
15:08 XRPeople
17:33 NFTs launching or on BSC are set to rise in value

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