Binance Blocks Off Singapore From iOS / Android & SGD Pairs | How To Cash In & Out Now?

Binance has announced officially that they are discontinuing the SGD Trading pairs and removing their Binance App from iOS and Android for Singapore.
So you must be wondering how do you even cash in or out in Singapore? Fear Not, I gottchu!
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00:00 Intro
00:45 Binance Block Off Singapore
04:03 How To Cash In / Out Part 1 TrustToken
07:09 How To Cash In / Out Part 2 CryptoCom
09:22 How To Cash In / Out Part 3 P2P
12:19 Consider Trading Here?
15:51 Outro Important!
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  • Did this guide help? Let me know! If it did smash the like and let me know your cash in and out methods!

    Join my discord for giveaway / axie scholarship!

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    💰Part 1 Links💰


    💰Part 2 Links💰

    CryptoCom Free $25

    💰Part 3 Links💰

    OG P2P Platforms

    💰Exchanges To Trade On Links💰

    Bybit 0% on maker, $600 sign up bonus

    💰P2P / Binance Alike

  • Guys.. i really need some help. My account has been blocked from withdrawing anything and i cannot get the support team yet. Coming friday, does it mean i wont be able to access even through laptop?

  • Hi, my account has been block from withdrawl…. I dont know what to do!!!

  • in Malaysia also it is banned

  • bro will this impact the devs of p2e games like monsta?

  • So can you transfer coins from binance global to binance singapore account? Lets say BNB (global) to BNB (binance sg)…

  • Hi, any idea if Trust wallet will also be affected? (there's only app but no web and it's owned by binance?)

    Additionally, is it possible to buy from Gemini -> transfer to binance to use to cash in and do the reverse to cash out?

  • Hi Sir I Hope I'll be one of your Scholars im jadessu XD

  • Gotta forfeit all my staking rewards, redeeming it earlier to move it to other exchanges. I’m not sure if the web would be affected , but better be safe than sorry

  • Just wanted to ask that if I continue using binance and we couldn’t update the apps will it be that using the old version could not open the apps and needed to download the latest version?

  • So to say my binance mobile app is still safe to hold my cryptos or better to shift them out?

  • bybit can't use in singapore

  • Nice, Thank you.

  • Hi I have watch ur video, so to confirm by 10 sept since SG is going to remove the binance app from App Store for IOS and Samsung right, for existing Singaporeans that are still using binance app it’s still fine right? Like we can continue trading on binance itself and if we want to withdraw our money we can do so through the different payment methods that u have shown in ur video right?

  • VPN wouldn't work? Or can't use vpn in SG?

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