Beetle Sandbox RTS meets Empires Of The Undergrowth! | Beetle Uprising Gameplay

Checking out Beetle Uprising Gameplay. Part 1 of a new Let’s Play? Let me know!

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오랜만이에요 | 샌놈들 | Liiv SANDBOX (리브 샌드박스) #Shorts

Breed for stats, looks, and abilities; then use your creations to dominate the entire vacant lot in this RTS/Genetic Simulation. Use fluid “swarm” combat tactics to gain control of resources vital to your colony’s expansion and secure a genetic future for your swarm. Let’s Play Beetle Uprising Part 1!

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Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon

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  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  • do you play Roblox

  • can u plz name a beetle after me it would make my month

  • Play this again please!

  • Definitely make this a series

  • Even butterflies? Lol

  • Do a series

  • afraid of lady bugs? hahhahah

  • Is this an alpha? Looks a little buggy.. Hehe i pulled a falcon joke. I like this would like to see more! Name one tori amos for me birdman!

  • name me as a beetle please
    i love these kind of games there just so interesting

  • i would like to see more 😀

  • 500th like

  • 👍👍

  • This game is awesome

  • Hi y impresión kl yay mr falcon

  • Loved it. please do some some more😃

  • the music is really annoying

  • Falcon falcon ! There will be an update today in last day on earth on android….. i think… Make a video of that

  • I'd like to see a couple more of this please. Looks really interesting. By the way, you have the healing beds backwards. The grass heals less than the leaves but lasts longer. Although, by better you may have meant how long the item lasts…. lol Oh well. Great video Bird Man. Hope you do more. Would like to see how breeding and the genetics work. So several more would be nice.

  • Name one of them – the big one

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